Change Room Fun

James and I recently went out shopping for our one year anniversary. We always have fun when we’re out shopping and this was no different. We went into a store and I got a few dresses to try on. I was wearing a short dress that unzips up at the front. I picked out a strapless dress and decided to try that on.

I love changing in front of my James because of the way he looks at me. It feels so sexy to have his eyes burn into me as he struggles to keep himself from ripping off my clothes and making me scream his name. Plus, it's always fun to tease him, flashing him my perky boobs, wet ***** or bubble butt.

He joined me in the change room and I slipped off my dress. I could feel his eyes all over my body. I pretended to be shy but I wasn’t really. He couldn’t resist and pushed me against the wall and kissed me, his hands on my body. I love his hands, they’re so strong and his grip so firm, it feels amazing. The way he is when he’s so passionate and full of desire makes me feel so very sexy.

Somehow he managed to pull himself away and I put on the dress. I needed help zipping it up and he helped me, his hands lingering on my back, sending chills through my body. I love taking pictures, so I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures of myself in the dress.

It was a nice dress, strapless so it pushed my boobs up which James loved. I then took a picture with James’ arms around my waist. He was wearing formal wear that day so he looked quite hot. I love a man in a suit and he looked very sexy in his slim fit shirt and tie.

After I took the picture, he had a look in his eyes. He unzipped me, turned me around to face him and unclipped my bra. I knew where this was going and I wasn’t going to stop him. I pulled the dress down, took my bra off and zipped the dress back up. It felt sexy wearing the dress without a bra. He pulled me to him from behind, pressing himself around me and pulled the dress down exposing my boobs and told me this is how I should pose for pictures.

I felt my ***** moisten at the thought of posing for him as he took pictures. I loved how sexy I felt, James’s attention on my body. I love being submissive for him. He likes when I take the lead sometimes, but it turns me on so much to let him take me. He gets rough and I love it, the way his hands feel on me, telling me what to do…I love pleasing him.

He then got on his knees, put his hands under the dress and pulled my panties down, squeezing my *** in the process. I love when he squeezes my ***, it gets me going and always makes me moan. He came back up and held me from behind again.

He then pulled my dress up and feasted his eyes on the reflection. He had me with my boobs out and my cleanly shaved ***** exposed. I loved he looked at my body; I could tell he wanted me and I wanted him to have me.

He kissed my neck, moved his left hand and started playing with my left nipple as he used his other hand to massage my ***** lips. I needed more, I needed him to play with my ****, but he didn’t, he just teased me. I let him, closed my eyes and enjoyed his strong hands on my body, making me wetter by the second. He knows exactly how to get my juices flowing and he was doing just that.

He then unzipped the dress and I stepped out of it, leaving me completely naked for him. I stood there as he looked at me, his breathing shallow. I could tell he was struggling to control himself. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. I was now facing him and he could see my butt in the reflection of the mirror. He loves my ‘bubble butt’ as he calls it, and started squeezing me as I kissed him. Mhmmmm, I loved his hands on me.

He started kissing my neck and quickly moved to my sensitive nipples, sucking my right nipple as his hands expertly worked on my ****. I was loving this. I leant on him as he pleased me. I wanted more but I knew if I asked he wouldn’t give it to me, so I let him have his way with me. I was so wet, his tongue on my nipple was driving me crazy.

He suddenly pushed me against the wall and dropped to his knees and started feasting on my *****. I was so wet and he just went to work on my ****, making me moan softly. I wanted to *** so bad, I wanted him to make me with his tongue but he turned me around and slipped two fingers inside my wet *****. I love when he has me bent over or anything from behind.

He didn’t waste any time and considering I was so wet, he started fingering me hard and fast. I could hear how wet my ***** was. Lucky for us the music at the store was loud enough. If it wasn’t, people would have heard how sopping wet my ***** was. I could feel I was coming close to squirting, my juices were running down my leg and my legs were going weak.

Now something about me, I moan a lot. I hate when I can’t moan and scream, so this was torture. I wanted to *** but I couldn’t scream, so I had to beg James to stop, even though I didn’t want him to.

I needed him, so I pushed him against the wall and kissed him. I needed to feel his toned abs. I also have a thing for buttons, I love taking them off and revealing what's underneath. He took off his tie and I quickly unbuttoned his shirt, savouring the feel of my hands on his hard abs. I then frantically worked on his belt and dropped to my knees and took his hard **** in my mouth. I was so horny and I wanted to please him like he had pleased me. Plus I love sucking his ****, so I got to work, sucking him hard and fast. I wanted to feel him shoot his hot load into the back of my throat. Sadly, before I could make him ***, he stopped me and said we couldn’t do it here.

I think what made the whole experience so exciting was that the change room didn’t have a door. It was just a curtain. I think that’s what freaked James out the most, how easy it was to get caught. If anyone had come in, they would have seen me naked, on my knees sucking him off. That would have been an eye full! They would have been so shocked I bet. That was a very sexually charged day. I love change rooms!
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Dec 10, 2012