Tennis Skirts....

Have any of you ever worn an extra short tennis skirt with some regular panties underneath instead of the unsexy tennis panties..... i tricked my wife into doing that many years ago.....
easyeye easyeye 56-60 3 Responses Aug 26, 2013

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Hey add me I like to look as well :D

Great idea! I have always liked those tennis skirts, but never cared for what most girls wear underneath!

Would live to see 😋😋 I love a girl in tennis wear 😃😃😎

yes. i never wear the bloomers under them.

I always hope to see a lady like you.. but rarely do.. am lucky to see some stretch pants.. rarely get an ******* glance.. sigh.. wish there were more like you

thats great.. it's ok to wear pantys.. but not those real thick ugly ruffly unsexy tennis pantys.. or bike shorts that can be sexy but are meant to be seen...under a tennis skirt it needs to be nothing or little white real pantys

those ruffly ones were designed to take guys minds off the players *** and make them focus on the tennis....i mean, thats why you go to tennis matches.....right?

Mm lets see !!😋😋😋

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