Road Trip Fun

I don't know why truckers are the only ones that people think to flash along the road - I think everybody deserves a little unexpected flash of boobies from time to time. I love to pull the **** out on the road for others to admire and my husband has always gotten a kick out of that. This doesn't happen in my small town, of course, but when we go on long road trips... I love to see the reaction and then just drive away like nothing happened. Would that actually offend somebody? I only do it to men driving alone.
AlphaGrrl AlphaGrrl
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4 Responses Oct 12, 2013

I wish. In 63 years never once. I drive across Indiana weekly route 30. I hope it happens soon

Such excitement would be a welcome treat to me.

I most definitely would not be offended. I may even drive alongside you for a mile or three.

I want to see them :)