I just got my ***** licked and fingered in Target!!! By another woman! Feeling so sexy and horny!!
tmacks tmacks
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12 Responses Aug 21, 2014

OMG! Fkng HOT!!!

add me too plsss!!!

mmmm great

I hope swallowed all your sweet Cumm

Wth? Details woman! Details!

Where do you find all these willing ladies? I would love to have walked up on this little scenario. SOOOOOOO hot!

Oh, please, we'd love to hear a few more details! It already sounds like a very hot time!

Details please!

Hope it was in the fitting room and not near the food section... Not that I would complain if I saw it happening...

Wow was hot

Target? I never get to have fun like that at Target. Home Depot but not Target.

You are right! That is so sexy and hot. Was she a stranger or someone you knew. Is she younger, older or same age? Details, details!