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I have been an exhibitionist for a few years now.  I started of by wearing sexy clothes and looking at how they looked on me in the mirror.  I would picture being in crowed places while in the outfits.  It took a few weeks for me to leave the house dressed to impress as I call it.  After time I would get more and more daring.  When I am wearing something that I feel sexy in words can't describe how it makes me feel.  The more people that can see me the more intense the feeling.  I don't want to be totally nude in public.  I just want every one who looks at me to see more than they think they should.  I know that some people think I am a **** and that's fine with me.  I do wear the uniform.  The truth is I haven't had sex with any other man since I met my boy friend.  I hope to share experiences with other women like me.  I would love to share ideas and share places to buy clothes also.  If this sounds good to you then let me know.

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Lycra, I love your Good Attitude! Check out my story, "Her Very Own SouvenirSwimsuitOfTheDay." I think you'll like it. Add each other? Thanks.

You are just like my wife, hope your hubby loves it too

Exciting stuff, and you tell a great story, too!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

i agree lycralady, the thrill is on what we could see that is exciting.

When I get dressed I'm not thinking about who sees me. I know in the back of my mind that people will look. I hope they do as a matter of fact. The thrill for me is knowing what they could see. Not what they can. I think that is what makes me an exhibitionist and not a nudist. LOL

if you were see by a man in a wheelchair would you care??

You are a dream come true, the women I would love to see in the street. I can't wear a dress or a skirt but I never wear any underwear. Makes me feel so horny all the times. Don't change...

i agree. full nudity takes away from the unespected, short skirt with panties, flashing through as you walk or a thin transparent dress that shows ..is so sexy

Well, as I say when my family shops at Goodwill - We're getting high end labels at low end prices!

I have a problem relating exhibitionism to sexy clothing. to me, an exhibitionist goes nude in public. a flasher will flash bits from under clothing.<br />
a real exhibitionist enjoys being nude where people can see her, and gets a kick out of the attention.

Oh I never wear panties. I like for people to see parts of my naked body. I just want them to have to work for it. There is no sport in being totally naked. When I dress in a short skirt people can see under it at times just not all the time. The closest thing I do to being totally naked in public is when I wear se-threw dresses. I like wearing them and I get a lot of complements on them but they make it to easy for people to see what I look like naked. When I wear a see-threw dress it is obvious that I know that people can see everything. There is no way to hide it. When I wear a short skirt with a low cut top nothing shows unless the wind blows or I bend over or sit. I am in control for the most part of who sees what and when. That to me is the sport. I like to be in control. Windy days and a loose short skirt still look like an accident even if I know exactly what is happening. Being completely naked does not appeal to me because there is no hint of sport to it.

Since you don't care for public nudity, do you ever try to make your exhibitionism accidental? Open curtains in hotel rooms, doors not completely closed in dressing rooms, short skirts and no panties on escalators can all be ways to express this part of your personality without overtly showing the world. If it seems to be accidental, you can avoid trouble and still enjoy that thrill.

Yes, there really isn't a connection between wanting <i>everyone who looks at me to see more than they think they should</i> and being a ****. As you say, you have your boy friend so what do prudish minds that have no chance to test their **** theories matter?