You Asked For It.

I have been asked many times what my favorite thing to wear and where do I wear it.  I do love to wear spandex shorts and tights.  For me the thing that makes them so special is that everything is out there all of the time.  Not like a skirt or dress when the only time anyone sees anything is by accident or when I let them see.  For the most part even the shortest skirt or the most revealing dress covers everything most of the time.  You can't walk around exposing yourself all of the time.  Spandex is different because you can wear it anywhere.  I have even worn it in the winter before.  Even if you know that it is see threw and go sans panties it is still acceptable.  Trust me it is.  People think that you must not have known it was like that or you would never have left the house like that.  So you can be walking around knowing what they are seeing and still seem oblivious.  That is what I love about lycra.  Now is it my favorite thing to wear.  No I get a much bigger thrill out of wearing a Minni or micro skirt.  The reason I think is because if anyone sees anything they are actually seeing it.  It is there and uncovered.  So even if it only happens once in a while the thrill is there the whole time I am wearing the outfit.  Also it is very difficult to have sex while wearing spandex.  Not that it can't be done, it can.  It is so much easier to have sex while wearing a skirt.  Hopefully that answered a few questions.  If you have any others please ask me.  I don't mind answering any questions you may have.



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Love seeing women wearing spandex around town! you are right about it being more revealing then a skirt, usually everything is on display. My favorite view have been women wearing tights, instead of spandex, as pants. It become sheer enough to see their panties clearly. I have not had the good fortune of running into someone not wearing panties yet.

I love running in my lycra shorts! Have a look at some of my stories. Great to read about girls wearing lycra and enjoying it.

So pleased to see women talking about seeing guys in Lycra. I love wearing Lycra and often go running in Lycra which shows allot and leaves nothing. I love showing off to the ladies. If only there were women like you locally (that I knew about) where we could share our interests!

LOL... i loved reading these comments... I recently discovered "pouch" style undies for guys that put the package "out there" for all to see rather than squash it away against their legs. Being made of lycra, spandex, modal... etc... they feel soooo smooth against my boy bits... yes... i get a stiffy just putting them on hehe... I have started wearing them out when i walk/run around the local lake each morning and although i wear loose-ish shorts on the outside... my package (which according to my wife is somewhat sizable ;-) is pretty clearly there (stiffy or no stiffy) Keep up with the spandex girls :D I, for one, certainly love to see your bods in it!

DiamondDivasLive, Why can't I ever see a big package like that? Don't get me wrong I like all packages big and small. It would be nice to see one that starts off big.

I was shopping the other day this guy walked in wearing spandex biker was a supreme package would be over charge to ship UPS ..

NudeAndGood, I think you should. I think everyone should have at least one pair. I love to see guys wearing spandex. I make it my mission t see if I can give them a hard on. So if you are willing to wear spandex in public be prepared to do it with a stiffy.

You got me thinking about buying some spandex or lycra biking shorts....