Giving The Clerks A Good Look

I'm small breasted, just an A cup.   One of the advantages of this is going braless quite a bit without creating a scandal or any notice.

The other advantage is when I wear a loose top,  or leave an extra button undone, it's quite easy to bend forward a bit and give a good downblouse look to someone who's got the right angle.

One of my favorite techniques is standing in front of a counter display, engaging the clerk, and then bending down to examine the electronics or jewelry in the case.   They can see my entire chest, small as it is, but they all stare anyway.   Even the women.

I thought the college kid at the camera counter almost came in his pants today.  

I walk around looking very much like a normal surburban mom,  not slutty or flashy or desperate, then suddenly my little minis are on full display.  My little gift to the world.





EveOfEden EveOfEden
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31 Responses Feb 24, 2010

that's great when i was in high school i worked as a cashier i saw so many beautiful ******* like that. it was great!

What I luv about small breasts is you can go without a bra ...the viewing is so much better ....

I enjoyed this story very much. I wish I know a woman like you around where I live. I also love small breasted women for some of the same reasons you stated.

Thanks for the lovely comments. You all make a woman glow in all the right ways.

God gave you beautiful little A's for a reason. lol

God gave you beautiful little A's for a reason. lol

You would enjoy my tongue flicking your nipples while my fingers played and stroked your ****. when the time was right, my moouth then moves down to your..........

thanks for sharing your expeiances with us. Love reading posts from women who like to flash. Love your profile picture. Do you also like to go out in short or wrap around skirts and flash "other parts of your womenhood'?

Wonderful to hear you do get to brighten others day this way and are enjoying it too! The world would be a happier and more pleasant place if more ladies followed your example. We can never have too many smiles!<br />
<br />
Keep enjoying your sexuality and I hope to hear, and see it, soon!

I would love to see them, BzySunshine... do you flash them ????

I've got mini's too baby doll! :)

lol !you flash your tiny **** and all the guys ,including me, get a hardon. i flash my tiny **** and all the women laugh!

At the beach today, and thought about this story, my friend.<br />
<br />
Yep, the big ones are OK. But for guys, they've seen them - either in a mag, video, the local *****-flop (some folks call it a ***** joint). Shoot, some gals just like hanging out as much as they can.<br />
<br />
But the smaller one ... that's the one guys aren't always on as quick alert to peak at, to see, and yet, its often more frequently visible.<br />
<br />
Nothing wrong with either. Would love to be your "counter man" on alert.

I think I am in heaven. So fun to find a woman who enjoys play time.

So let's see them, Tamileigh !

Very creative. Does'nt it turn you on knowing people are looking straight down your shirt. I would love to see them myself I bet they are adoreable. Show me yours I will show you mine LOL

I Luv Small Breasted Women. You all look so healthy!

FunLovingWife, I'm sure your C-cups get all the attention they deserve. And without a doubt men prefer the C's to the A's I am sporting. We all have to work with what we've been given.

Thanks for showing, biguns get the attention but small ones get the looks. I found this out when I worked at a place that had a lot of bending over, some of them, you could see a square foot of skin but the others you could see all.<br />
ludvig<br />

I can do the same with my cup size "C" and I bet you there will be more interested parties oogling me than you with your tinny ****!

What a fantastic attitude!

Thank you Bill. <br />
They may be small but they enjoy the looks and sexual attention as much as a pair of DDs.

Eve, as you can tell there are a ton of men with a preference for breasts like yours! I'm one of em.. Bill in Va.

Thanks for the story!

Thank you. I wish there were lots more just like you.

i fit that catagory i like small titts they are firmer naturally and handfuls are nice...and i fondle and suck as man y as i can.....

Obviously big and bouncy get more attention, but when it comes down to it, everyman I've been with has played with my tiny ones and sucked the nipples. Not once has a man said, "No, they are too small, I'm not going to bother."<br />
<br />
Thank goodness for that, because I enjoy a tongue flicked across my nipple.<br />
<br />

On behalf of all of the men of the world: Thank you!

thanks for sharing ill be looking for your sweet pert lil breasts out there in the world.....

Nice, I love a woman that is confident, sexually driven, and a touch of spice. ;)

Of course it arouses me, Buddha. It heightens the pleasure when I get a response, but it's fun either way.