My First Nudist Beach Experience

My first experience happened by accident, I had no idea it was clothing optional, so I get there and saw a lot of people mostly older men but a few younger crowd, I just wanted a good tan and this was a perfect opportunity to get a perfect tan, I just didnt know if I actually could pull it off , first I got undress to my speedo and apply suntan all over, then after an hour or so I started getting comfortable but was scared of getting an erection since there was a lot of atractive women jogging fully clothed, but I assume they know and may be even like to stare at naked men while jogging, so I decided to take everything off and sure enough I couldn't hide my *****, it was't until a couple of ladies not joggers but more like tourist, stopped by me and asked me if they can take a pic next to me so they can prove to their friends they were really there, so I agreed and as I got up they noticed my erection and can tell they were enjoying themselves just as I was, so they took turns taking pix and then they asked a younger jogger about 19 if she can take a pic of us three, she smiled and said of course, I can see the girl's jaw just drop when she noticed my huge ***** , her eyes were glued to it, and the tourist had her take like 3 pics, they thanked her and she said no problem, making sure she looks at my **** one more time, then there were two other girls that set their towells about 15 feet away from me, and I watch them undress slowly, they removed their tops leaving only their thongs, by this time Im getting more arouse, and i make sure my erection is in palin view for them to see, as soon as they noticed me they put on their sunglasses to discreetly watch me without being obvious, then I have an idea and went up to them and asked them if the can take a pic of me so I can show my friends, I did that while I'm  standing in front of them while they're sitting down, everything seems unreal I can't believe Im doing this, in front of these beautifull college girls, by now I can see their nipples getting real hard, so they take a few pics with my cell phone and introduce my self then go back to my spot, then about 10 min later one of the girls removes her thong and positions herself so that I get a good look of her slit, and I sure did, she would get on her four and and pretend to be reaching for something, while the other girl look to see if I was watching her, I was in heaven I knew they were teasing me but I was too, so I went back and offer them some beer and started chatting, then the nude girl asked her friend for suntan lotion, and her friend asked me If I  would apply some on her, I said of course, so I start applying it on her very seductive making sure she felt my **** touch her skin everywhere, Im sure she did since I was leaking fluids and taking more time when I reched her inner thighs, I wish I could have hit that, but I 'd be lying it was more of tease but I'm happy they enjoyed it as much as I did..    i cant wait to do it again!

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I had a lady stop and talk one time along a river front nude beach.

She did everything she could to provoke me to get a erection.

She finely slid to the edge of her towel and dug a small hole in the sand and peed while talking to me.

That did it.

Did you get their number?

Wow, you lucky SOB..... :-)

Awesome story, thanks !

My first time to a nude beach ended up being a lot more than I expected. I was 24 and living in Florida. In Palm Beach County there was a beach park that was very secluded. It was the unofficial nude beach at the time. It was technically illegal, but because it was so secluded, the police never really bothered anyone. It was far enough from the nearest condos, so nobody could see you unless they were right on the beach with you.<br />
So when I got to the beach, it was early so there were only a few people on the beach. I put my towel down and headed to the water. While hanging out in the water, a great looking woman arrives to the beach and ends up putting her towel down within 10 feet of my towel. This doesn't seem like such a big deal, however this beach was practically empty. And I had heard that most people go there by themselves to be left alone. <br />
Now I'm getting nervous and excited at the same time. I've never been naked in front of a woman that I wasn't dating, especially outside and in public. I had been in the water for over 20 minutes so was ready to get out, but I didn't want her to think that I was coming out just because she got there, so I waited. After she got undressed, she headed to the water near me. She was slim, in her mid 20's and just a perfect body. When she entered the water, she looked over at me and gave me a quick smile. I smiled back.<br />
After she dunked down under the water, she started heading out of the water. I figured this would be a good time to head back to my towel before I got too excited to exit the water. I got to my towel and layed down face first. I watched as she dried off and then lied down on her back. I didn't want to scare her by staring, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun beating down on my back.<br />
About 20 minutes later, I hear some guys chatting and walking along the beach. I look up and see 3 guys, fully clothed, trying to talk to her. They were being rude and suggestive. She said to them that she was just there to relax. They persisted so she got up and headed to the go into water. As she walked away, the guys kept walking. I felt like I should have said something, but here I am, lying naked on my front and not in a position to jump up and confront them.<br />
The sun was heating up my back so I turned over. At first, I was semi hard, but as I thought of her coming out of the water, I felt myself getting harder. I glanced up to see where she was and did not see her. So I looked down to see how I was looking. I was hard, but still resting down to one side. <br />
I looked around to see where she went and then saw her coming back from the showers. She had washed the salt off and was heading to her towel looking incredible. I quickly put my head down and closed my eyes. I again didn't want her to think that I was scoping her out. I knew that I was pretty hard at this point and that she had probably glanced over at me and saw my semi excited package. This made my mind race and actually started to get me even more excited. I thought that I better turn over onto my front before I was raising a flag pole. Right as I'm getting ready to turn over, I hear her voice. She has walked over to me carrying her towel and all of her belongings. I look up at her and she says, "hey...I'm sure you saw those guys bothering me and I just want to hang out and get an all-over tan today. Do you mind if I lie next to you so that those guys or any others don't bother me?". I of course, said sure! She said, "I can see that you're here for the same reason, so I figured you wouldn't mind. At this point, she put her towel down next to me to where our towels were touching eachother's. She layed down next to me on her back and told me her name. I responded with my name and then told her that is was my first time at a nude beach. She said that she thought that that was probably the case because of my nervousness. She said that she loved to come there but hated when guys bothered her. During this entire introduction, I felt myself getting fully erect. I felt like she was going to think that I was some pervert, so I started to roll over onto my front. She quickly said, "you don't have to do that. I don't mind how you are.". I couldn't believe it. Here I am about 80% erect and she's looking down at me and telling me she doesn't mind. I said to her that I was sorry and that I wasn't trying to be lewd, but couldn't control it. She again said, "don't worry about it. It's natural and if it's because of me, I'm flattered.". I'm thinking wow! Here I am, lying next to a beautiful girl that I just met and I'm naked and with a growing erection. Now I see her looking at it and it makes me rock hard. I'm now sticking straight up. She says, "wow...I think it's growing!". Now I'm totally turned on but feeling uncomfortable as to what to do next. I again tell her that I'm sorry and that I'm not doing it on purpose. She says, "well don't worry. I don't mind and actually I enjoy looking at it ,if it's alright with you.". I said that it was very exciting having her look at me. <br />
For the next several hours, we swam and sunned together. When we were in the water, I softened up a little. Every time we got back to our towels, she she would stare at my package and seemed to enjoy watching it as it progressively got hard again. While laying face up, I couldn't help but get a total erection as she looked at me.<br />
This ended up being one of the most exciting days of my life. At the end of the day, she thanked me for being her nude beach guard and for giving her quite a show with my man parts. I asked her if she would like to exchange numbers, but she said no. She told me that she had a boyfriend and that she would have to keep this day a secret. I said well maybe we'll see each other here again. Unfortunately, soon after, this beach was turned into a state park and they out-lawed nude sunbathing. I never saw her again but will remember my first day on a nude beach forever! Believe it or not, this is a completely true story.

What a great, fun story! <br />
<br />
I am sure that the experience was enjoyable for you and for<br />
all of the women involved!

I think I'm getting sunburned...could you help me? ;-)

would love to do tat...

Good for you. However through my experiences at nude beaches erections are normaly frowned upon. I usually go off to secluded spot for a **** when I get the urge.