Concealed Weapon Permit

Just an update, today I took the class in order to get my AZ concealed weapons permit. I was surprised to see so many women in the class, about 10 of us. Our instructor said that this was the biggest class he'd had in our town in years. The 2nd Amendment scare has got everybody buying guns and getting their permits. It was a great class, I gotta say I was not bored once during the 5 1/2 hours that the class lasted. I think it would be a good idea for any person, man or woman, to sit through this class if they own a firearm. I can honestly say I walked into this class feeling very cocky and thinking I was going to start carrying with me 24/7. But after this class I will take extra precautions and practice quite a bit before I start carrying. I think it is a good education and any person who has the opportunity should sit through something like this.
SaraEllen SaraEllen
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013