I Am a Female Mechanic

I am a female mechanic and its very hard to deal with the comments and always being the only girl in the trainning classes I wish I could meet more females who enjoy doing what I do

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7 Responses May 2, 2009

Hang on in there hun!!! Ive been a mechanic for over nine years now and if its something you wanna do then do it and screw what everyone else thinks. Ive only ever worked at big main dealers and there is always someone there who doesnt think its right that us girlies are allowed in there workshop. I just let them get on with it and find that the best way to shut them up isnt to argue back and make a point but to be the best at your job and better than them! It may take a while but eventually they will except it. That absolutely works for me, especially when i was uni trainning!!! Show them boys what your made off!!! It is worth it in the end, if it wasnt i sure as hell wouldnt have been doing it as long as i have and i have no intention of stopping anytime soon.<br />
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If things do get too bad it might be worth talking to your manager or head of department, there are laws against discrimination in the work place, although i do understand why you wouldnt want to go down that route.<br />
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For every dumb *** in the workshop theres normally more than one descent guy, i love the blokes i work with, they are some of best mates now and wouldnt be with out them, we have such a laugh in and out of work and they just except me for me, all pink and girlie too!<br />
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Hang on in there girls!!!!

ive always wanted to be a mechanic & i never thought about doing it for a living. im currently in school to get a degree in business, but after im done with that, im going to go to school to be a mechanic despite what anyone says. what you are doing is very inspirational to me, & you should continue on with your head held high.

ignore the comments we all get em.the best thing you can do is rise above it and show them even though your female, your more than capable of doing the job.<br />
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show em whos boss ;)

I am an Jet engine mechanic and female mechanics are sexy. My only advice to you is always be upbeat and you will show us boys up.I have seen it.

I am an apprentice techinician at peugeot and I think its an amazing job, you will get people that dont undestand your choice of career but aslong as you stay head strong you will open so many doors for who ever else wants to do what we do, I dnt know any other females that do what I so and I dont mind, I may be a mechanic but I am a female first and talking about cars and what was repaired all day and then have to go and meet friends to talk about it to would be annoying to me but to have someone female with the same interest would be nice at times.

I just finished up the last of my automotive classes for an Asssociates Degree in the automotive field. I've never really got any bad feedback, but then again I haven't gotten a job in the field yet. We'll see how it goes.

I think it's great that you're doing something not all lot of other females do. I'm sure if you stick to it you'll meet other woman just as cool as you.