Update #1

Hello. Me again :D

Still keeping up on my flying. I have about 12ish hours now (only flying weekends). Once the sun stays out longer & the New England weather starts improving, I'll be flying more & soloing in no time! I can't wait to solo, but i'm so nervous. I know i'm not prepared and I'm so glad my CFI isn't rushing me. Derek is great! He lets me learn everything on my own time. It's mostly self-motivation (unless it comes to comms lol). But I think I'm improving. Trying to keep up with school and my responsibilities as a flight sergeant within Civil Air Patrol (what i do when not flying).

K i hope this update suffices for now. I'll write another soonish. Maybe when I solo... who knows?

BTW, i lost my fuel measurer tubey thingee. IDK where it went. it's not on the plane or my flight bag..... idk


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lol yeah

LOL!!!! i'll be nice the first time ;) y'know...get you acquainted with the plane, then the second time, I'll show ya how it's done ;)

yeah i'm interested in aerobatic flight, which is essentially what crop dusters do.<br />
<br />
& thanks :) happy driving :) once i become an instructor i'll teach you, what do you say? lol

lol you crack me up too! don't be discontent. be happy you have a job in this economy. and driving can be enjoyable (though time limits are stressful). me & my family do a lot of travel via driving and my dad throws a CB radio in the Jeep & we talk to and help the truckers. y'know the whole "bear on Rt. 15 S" type thing ;) it's always fun. cept one time, a trucker said something like "Hey look at that speedy little Jeep. He passes me all the time." So my dad apologized and the trucker was surprised that we even had a CB radio, so that was fun lol. sorry. tangent.

lol ok i;ll sympathize. but driving a truck isnt the worst thing. what kind of truck? (yes, truck isn't specific lol)

so you have no hope either? lol i guess we're even. and i dont think that's a good thing lol

Lol i figured. i suppose i had a blonde moment (one of many) and the saddest part is that i'm a brunette. i have no hope :( lol i'm glad you have a functioning sense of humor ;)

I'm not sure what to think about this one.....