Almost There

I'm just about to solo!!!

But for some reason I've been having trouble with my landings. I haven't had very good days recently and I seem to be unable to bring the plane down. I had a good conversation with my instructor that seemed to clear up the confusion, but only time will tell.

I have about 17 hours of flight time now but I still have to get my medical from an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Fancy name for a doctor

I also have to read more of the manual, but it's hard to find time with homework and the Civil Air Patrol tests I have to study for. So we shall see and I'll update again soon.

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I joined Civil Air Patrol. I told them I was interested in flying and I would do my best to focus and get my license. they saw my seriousness and allowed me to take lessons. good luck!

Hi, I want to become a pilot too but my parents are totally against it ....:( Btw I love flying :) How did u start like everything? What did u tell ur parents???. Btw I'm 100% sure u'll be flying those jets pretty soon

the courses weren't too difficult. but like anything, you gotta work for it.


all the best go on yar

even i hav dream of becomin a pilot hey how years did u study this courses where they easy


all the best go on yar

even i hav dream of becomin a pilot hey how years did u study this courses where they easy


all the best go on yar

even i hav dream of becomin a pilot hey how years did u study this courses where they easy

well i havent flown in 1.5 months due to my instructor being suspended from my squadron. but i just had a meeting with my new instructor today so i should be flying asap :D i'll update once i start flying again.

What's the update? Are you sticking the landings yet?

Good luck and good flying.

that would be practical. go for it!!!!!

I think that is truely AWESOME!

I'm going to start taking helicopter lessons as soon as I can. The new internet business is doing great! So I want a personal helicopter so I can take kids up with my daughter on special community days and fire department events.

Buzz secondfiddle's house: check

fly jets: check

lol I wish I had a real check. Grrr

That is awesome! I would love to learn! you sound really passionate about it, you'll be flying those jets soon enough! :)

Thanks. That is the plan :D

Nice! I have no doubt that you will get to flying jets soon.

i fly a C-172 at the moment, but i want to fly private business jets eventually

Wow! That's pretty amazing! What kind of planes are you training on and what kind do you plan to fly?

Wow, haunted. I was about his age when I became interesed in taking lessons. My Dad was all for it, but Mom said no way...eventually, I moved on. Never did get those lessons. Shame, now I can't afford it.

My son David is 14 yrs old and has flown the plane and landed it. He has done all take off in between flying and landing. His dad is a pilot and they have had alot of yrs to practice. Your time will come if you keep at it. The saying goes : If you don't suceed the first time try,try,again. Good luck to you.

nice :) there you go! What kind of plane did he own?

Thanks :) Yeah flying is so much fun! If you really want to fly, join a flight club or Civil Air Patrol. Or just walk up to an airport and ask around :) There are many different avenues out there, so check them out! You never know :D

Fabulous! I've always wanted to learn, but never did. I'm very proud of you!! You go girl!