I Am Lost

I dont know if I am a sex addict or not.  I have always slept around from guy to guy cheated, and for the past i 10 or so years watch **** like crazy.  I find when i am home by myself everyday I have to pleasure myself.  I am dont work welll part time, so it gives me more time during the day to do things amd for the past few months i have been doin something i never tought i would do.  I have been gettin money to have sex or do things with.  I am ashamed of doing it and yet i ask myself am i wrong for it turning me on.   i also write adds for phone sex send pics to ppl which turns me on for strangers to have my pics, i have cyber sex and always the week before i get my period I am super horny and everyday seems like all day have to please myself.   my boyfriend went away the other day for 2weeks and ever since he left everyday i feel its gotten worse more at nght then day.  everyday for hours at a time at night. i really think i need help and dont know.  i feel very ashamed and horrible for what i am doing behind this guys back.  i just started datin him i have very strong feelinfs for him and dont wanna screw it up with him.  what do i do and am i a sex addict? 
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

If your serious about this guy you should at least share with him some of the things you are doing behind his back. Personally I don't think what you've done is necessarily a deal breaker. Whether he will feel the same will depend on whether he is sexually liberal or conservative. Maybe he won't mind some of your hidden sexual secrets. If you feel that he truly cares about you and you can confide in him, let him know so guys could work it out together. If your looking for a long term relationship, you will need to be honest with him because sooner or later he will find out. <br />
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As for your sex problem, I do think you have a lack of self control. I suggest you do go to sexaholic anonymous. They will help you understand the underlying pschological issues that are driving your behavior.