******* And ******* And Squirting In A Few Minutes Last Night!

We are going for a reenactment ON THE PATIO in minutes!!!


The ******* made it be over the top, though~

I got a new jelly ***** yesterday. (It's beautiful! Hot pink, 8 inches and super wide!)

My friend came over today...she and I used to **** until she got married and her husband ended it.

But she knew I was stressed.

We ******** off our clothes...and yep, my fave... the kitchen table!

She licked my **** while I admired her bare **** which are really pretty.

She gave me the ride of a lifetime with the *****. I need a real pounding..I am kind of into pain and pleasure.

So, while she rammed me with the ***** and licked my ****, I pulled on my nipples SO HARD! Damn, it felt good.

First, I had a really hard clitoral ******. Then I felt that famous pressure..but I had to pee!!
I offered to go to the restroom, but she is kinky too and let me **** on her ****.

Then, it happened. That ***** was magic! I think this was the best sex I have ever had.
Meanwhile, we talked...what her husband doesn't know won't hurt him.

So, I played with her **** - and gave her nipples a run for their money. That alone made her ***! (Damn, I love the table and chair...proper dining is so hot!)
But I ****** her with the ***** and licked her tiny ****...sucked it off.

She also pissed!!! My **** were covered with golden urine.


I had a messy kitchen to deal with later, but we actually didn't deal with it then..we laid on the sofa nude with our ******* against each other and slept.

Then when we awoke, we decided to **** again on the living room carpet but this was just gentle sucking and licking (with a little ****).


Gentleman, feel free to comment if this got you off, but make no offers. I don't want a man...have had my share. I want *******! Have a good one!

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- delightful hon - i just luv - no LUV - girl *** and ****

very erotic