I'm Not Sure If I'm A Sex/love Addict, But I Think I Might Be

I'm a drug addict and have been sober now for 3 weeks, longest I've been sober on my own. I've had a lot of sexual partners for someone my age, some of them due to blacking out but even the one's I'd black out with we started a "casual" relationship then I'd get bored with it within a week. I always have felt guilty having sex and can't say no. Though now that I'm sober I'm bored with my boyfriend and am craving being with a woman again. I'm bisexual, still trying to figure everything out. Everytime I sober up I get bored with my partner. I'm thinking I still want to have sex with him but I want to be with a girl also. Does it sound like I have an addiction? Like I've been in six relationships this year so far. I'm just so confused.
graceisabella20 graceisabella20
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I fully understand how you feel. I was in love with my girlfriends, but I was also craving a **** deep in my mouth. Stay sober. Try to find a b/f that will love you just the way you are and that won't try to change you. There's a lot of bi boys out there as well. God what would I give if I'd have met a bi girl when I was your age, everything would be so much easier... :-)