Something New For Me

My friend Shari is about the only female friend that I share my secret side with. I've known her about two years and she's divorced and she's been having an affair with a married man but they've broken up now. She's 47, blonde and is so pretty. She takes care of herself so she doesn't look her age. Sometimes we have lunch together and go out and have coctails in the evening. She's said that she's very bi-curious and we've touched and kissed a few times just for fun. I'm not bi sexual but I love the company of other women. Shari knows all about my secret side as a shared wife and about the other men I've been with. I told her about Ed and she joked that maybe we could have a fmf ********* with him. When I mentioned this to Ed he jumped at the chance to meet Shari so we might give it a try. Ed is very well endowed and he lasts and has given me multiple ******* so I'm pretty sure he can satisfy her. He's mentioned that he's also turned on by seeing two women together and the possiblity of a little body contact with Shari doesn't turn me off at all. Andy's leaving tomorrow on a business trip so we've planned to have dinner tomorrow evening if I can get Jennifer to keep the baby. We'll see what happens.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I am reading your stories but I haven't seen anything about a baby in the present until this one. Maybe I missed something. Did you have a late in life child or do you have a grandchild? Is your 21 yr old son an only, or was he for a long time?

That's one of the reasons why howifing is such a sexy and risky thing. Women get pregnant. Babies come. There are mysteries of conception. What is her name? Bet she grows up to be just like mommy.

Does your husband like Shari? This also sounds like another story.