My Teen Years

When I was 13, I caught my older brother and his friend ************. They didn't see me so I hid and continued to watch. They were looking at some magazines with nude women and they unzipped and I was fascinated by their erections. Then they began to stroke their hard ***** and I was startled when they began to spurt ***. I found myself thinking about how it would be to have sex with a boy. I used to hang out with a couple of girls and a boy named Donnie and He always tried to put his hands on us. My girlfriends slapped his hands but I finally let him feel my breasts and finally we were alone together and he touched me in other places. By the time I was 14 Donnie used to tease me a lot and he talked me into showing him my breasts and taking my panties down. I was one of those girls who reached puberty early and I had lots of pubic hair. He loved it and being curious, I wanted to see his **** and he gladly obliged. At first he'd feel my breasts and rub me between my legs and he's get an erection and it led to me giving him hand jobs. I tried to keep the *** off my clothes but sometimes I couldn't avoid it. One Saturday, he called and said he wanted to give me something and asked me to come to his house. After I got there I found out his parents were out of town for the day and we started playing around. We went to his room and he told me I was pretty and said he really wanted to see me completely naked. At first I resisted but he talked me into it and he followed. It was kind of awkward but he kissed me and started to fondle me and I started to like it. He was rock hard and my heart was pounding and before I knew it I was on the bed and he was on top of me. All I could say was, please don't hurt me and he penetrated me, and slowly began to thrust. I wasn't thinking about anything but how good it felt and then he began to *** and he quickly pulled out and began to spurt all over my belly. At that point, all I could think of was, please don't let me be pregnant. I was worried sick for about 5 days and then I got my period. I was so relieved but that led to my life as a teen ****. Donnie and I repeated it many more times but with condoms. I craved sex but it never was enough. Donnie and the other boys I started to have sex with would always *** before I was ready. By the time I was 16 I was a full fledged gang bang girl. I had my first ****** by having continuous intercourse with three boys and I came with the third. I had never known so much pleasure and my need for it continues to this day.
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It makes me sad to see virtually all the responses below cheer on your sexual addiction. You must have written this to describe how you became someone who craves sex so much that it interferes with your being able to live your life in a truly meaningful way. I looked this subject up because I think my teenage daughter may be on the road to becoming like you, and I am very worried about her. It's been two years since you wrote this post and I wonder if you have gotten help and been able to have real relationships with men who don't see you only as a means to an ****** -- or that you no longer see men as a means to an ****** for yourself. I hope so.

i feel your pain. slipping into it that early creates an addiction for a lifetime. Guys may say that sounds sexy but eventually when it comes down to making a decision to marry someone for a lifetime they want more than just sex.
They want someone who understands, supports, beleives in them and someone they can have healthy sex without risk of disease


One hell of a woman.

Wow!!! You are the girl out of every man's dreams :D

Sounds like you would benefit from a guy who trained himself to last long....

Exactly the kind of girl every boy looks for in school.

You sound like a very sexy girl as a teen!

To me, you sound like a model of what a normal woman is supposed to be like. I would love to be your friend!

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.