Female Sex Addicts: Your Celebration

I am addressing female sex addicts who have learned to celebrate their addiction and overcome it as a burden. This is obviously women closer to middle age who have come to the point of empowering themselves in their addiction and have lived with it and gone beyond simply coping with it.

Sexually addicted females who have channeled their addiction to a science or on their way to a deeper experience instead of battling against it. You have become mature and sophisticated in your sexuality and you have come to celebrate owning your addiction instead of it owning you.

These are the women I find the most wonderful women in the world. They understand their addiction is a part of their personal make up and will never leave them. This has made you fully happy and contented and joyous about your femininity and libido.

Because you have no barriers and concerns about personal space you are a joy to be around with an infectious and charming persona. you are attractive no matter your age, shape or race and can be found in any walk or class of life. You treat everyone as equal and have a way of making a man feel like that special person. I love the way you always have a hug and touch and brush and rub your body inviting intimacy and closeness. I love the way I can communicate with you on all levels and especially with my eyes. you love attention. you make me so glad to be male and that my maleness is so important to you and your world.

This is a love letter to the female sex addicts of the world. You will never tell me with words but your whole being tells me. Your addiction will invite me into your world and into you at my own speed. As long as I keep my presence with you I am free to advance on my own terms and be myself with you. Gentle soul, you have nothing but openness to me. All you ask is my attention. My eyes, my touch, my erection. You hope I won't betray your sexual secret but I may expose your flesh for my own gratification.

I remember when I met you female sex addict....each one of you. I was your friend immediately. We seemed to have so much in common. Talk came so easy. Understanding came so easy. Touching came so easy. You let me stare so long and met my gaze so boldly. never anything shy about you. I never had to be shy about anything with you. We always seemed to have these private conversations alone with each other. You always pushed your breasts forward as we talked. There was always hardly any distance between us. With you in the work place there is no such thing as sexual harassment. The word 'inappropriate' is not in your vocabulary.

You sound like a ***** but you're not. you're a sexual artiste at the top of your art. you are the canvas, my erection the brush and my ***** the paint. Your open smile always, always leads to your open vagina. I just like to make the foreplay last darling. That's my sexual science. :!:
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Are true female sex addicts common. No. They are far and few between. There will never be any statistics of them. They will never be known to the justice system or govt. Some may be frank in academic studies. Because a common thread is denial of their condition as they have chosen not to deal with it this woman cannot be identified and labelled. She is not a complex person. Underneath she has a one track mind that is deeply ingrained sexually. This will come out in her persona and for such as myself in her aura. Her eyes give her away very much. She has a bold stare and never shows herself uncomfortable under a stare. "Flirty eyes' and 'Bedroom eyes' are common descriptions for her. Sooner or later you will catch her checking you out. you will feel more and more comfortable in her presence.

Again, I am describing a 30+ woman who is not striving against her addiction. She is well aware she is a sexual slave. She lives in her mind and this manifests in her real life. she becomes a master of a double life, is not profoundly affected from a catalyst of trauma but sees her sexual intelligence as licence to risk and.... disrespected. This is a huge part of her I will go into thoroughly and deeply. The most intriguing aspect of her addiction and really, why women like bad men. The female sex addict has no concern about a man's morals or goodness. A gentleman can prove hard to seduce but a gap in his armour won't be wasted by her.

I spoke of the female sex addicts availability. she has a life to lead with family, career etc. She may not have 24/7 access but her phone will never be turned off. she has an open door policy which of course makes contact smoother and efficient. She is naturally a people person, intelligent, resourceful, a listener, counselor, very good multi tasker.

It is probably expected he would enjoy group sex and multiple partners. ideally, she would like several partners at hand to keep her sex life consistent and full. But in reality she mostly enjoys long intense one on one sex being penetrated by someone she has targeted and succeeded with. By the time physical contact has actually begun, there would have been a solid time of fore play leading up to full blown intercourse. The chase is all important to her. she has a deep fantasy life and sexual inspiration fills her mind with her own pornographic imagination. You will be a face in reality she can connect with and your communications with her will all be taken in her sexual imaginings.

She has to work, maybe run a household and family. be in a position of responsibility. Underneath she is simmering full time. She is addicted to penetrating herself and this will carry into her work place. If she has a sole position she is in heaven. You will have a place in her work place. Her home as well if her husband is away enough. she will make her routine thoroughly known so you can surprise her. Surprises are her joys. She will surprise you too. This should all be too good to be true. But no.

Have to battle with this prudish US site which censors terms even in an adult discussion. This is the problem with the US pysche. blood, guts and violence as long as no nipples are showing. The hypocrisy of a nation which uses drones to attack innocent civilians and allows predatory bankers to rob the world. I suspect this is really a media site to draw inspiration for the media corporate attack against hetero sexual straight sex. That sentence will probably be deleted. Anyway I will continue writing about my passion because you will find what I relate nowhere else as female sexual addiction has to be seen as a problem that needs to be cured. Not treated as functional, contained and directed with intelligence. Are female sex addicts happy. In most ways they are. They lead normal productive lives after they have accepted themselves. Especially if they have friendships within their addiction who can fuel them with therapeutic attention. Therapeutic does not mean clinical. Therapy for the female sex addict means long hours of sexual depth with a similarly affected or high libidoed person. Hours and hours of thrusting, penetration and ******.

Does this affect her painfully. yes her vagina will feel very sore. A pain she lives with and even enjoy. A pain that gives her an itch for more. I once spent hours with one addict woman and she asked me if I was ready for more. Insatiable. For me bliss.

Female sexual addiction is a phobia the media has only recently accepted as real. Their goal is to use it as furthering their agenda in promoting child sexual abuse as the female sex addicts deep seat neuroses. The truth is I have never, ever met a sexually addicted female who goes into personal childhood abuse. They will talk about ********** but never blame their addiction as stemming from abuse from an adult.

What is the first step in recognising a female sex addict? Normally you won't. You don't meet them, they meet you. In other words, she will initiate contact and you still won't construe her motives. Unless you are fully experienced with her breed of female, you will simply think she is open minded, charming and friendly. Remember, she has a big job hiding her addiction. her biggest fear is being exposed. Not being caught having an affair. But being exposed for her true deviant condition. I have not even begun to explain this which detail is utterly sordid, base, disgusting to some and completely at the level of the gutter. The detail of this is fascinating to go into and wonderful for the connoisseur of this female genre to experience. As a connoisseur of these women who usually range from early 30's plus, I have walked in a world of amazement and peculiarity which fits no other type of person. They are not cougars or belong to sex clubs or nudists or prostitutes. They are not motivated for any type of gain which would only divert energy from attaining their real goal of sexual fulfillment

It should always be remembered I'm describing an addiction. An addiction is a slavery. Female sex addicts are enslaved to their sexuality. The ones who recognise and learn to live with their addiction haven't conquered it they have become sophisticated to intelligently channel the entrenched passion which constantly yearns satisfaction. They are heavy fantacisers and masturbators. They want their fantasy life to be reality. They pursue real life encounters by purposely but discreetly exposing their sexual nature by hints and body language. This will be persistent if they fix onto an individual they are attracted to or shows interest.

One huge point I will now relate is their actual availability. Not verbally. They will never admit or communicate any addicitive issues. They feign total respectability and conservatism. They will even talk about their spirituality. It's all rhetoric. Conversation to lull and develop report and intimacy. They can pretend to be shocked or even offended at first if you advance on them. In fact you will hear back from them in a short time. You won't lose contact with her. She will want to talk about your advances or suggest a meeting to talk privately. She wants to leave a seed in your mind that she is really interested and her engaging nature will keep you baited. This actually means you don't bait her. she always baits you. you will feel you are initiating. She likes that. In fact she's already had you in her sights from a few minutes into your first encounter with her.

This is actually based on real experiences and I wonder if that comes across. Sexually addicted women are a completely different breed of person compared to the average female. They are wired mentally and motivationally around achieving penetration and ******. One common there with most is they are not overt flirts. They don't dress down. I have no theory for this. They are usually very conservative. They will always betray themselves by their body language and close physical presence. You can find yourself in enclosed spaces with them very easily and as you get to know one you will find they have no issues about personal space. Foreplay is a huge influence in their persona and is literally a playing out of their heavy ************ where they play out scenes constantly in their imagination.

Experience with them can teach you two approaches. direct or delayed. Each will obtain the same result. On her part, she will initiate contact, brushing you, rubbing against you, hugging. All designed towards familiarity and inspiring your confidence toward her.

If you feel thee is someone now who seems to fit the modus operandi, it won't take long to know. The vibes will be electric!