These Are My (slutty) Confessions.

Prepare yourselves.
I've been addicted to sex ever since I first started ************. Hmm, that would be since I was about 5 or 6? I would go once, and one time more, and just anotheeeerrr...and before you knew it I'd have came 6 times in 30 minutes! (TMI? Sorry, there's more.) I can ********** to anything, anywhere, at anytime. It's sad, really. Once it was Scarface (I think old-timey, self-destructive gangsters are hot as hell, seriously.) When I was 7 I would dry-hump this enormous stuffed tiger and make my barbie dolls *****. Then, as I went to kiss my dad on the lips goodnight, I nearly made an attempt to make out with him. I don't know what I was thinking, but it embarrassed me, so I ran into my room. When I was 8 I realized women were way hotter than men, which I guess were my first hints of being a bisexual. When I was about 9 or 10 I would message strangers on some chat, and one I particularly remember my mom catching me as he called me his "suga moma." Gross. From then on there were restrictions/parental controls on my computer. Then, there was the scandal when I posted half-naked pictures of myself online. At 10-14, I never really stopped cyber-sexing people online. I'd also give out my number to strangers and send them naughty pictures of me. We would sext the whole day, but that's because I text extremely slow at that age. Finally, I got my first boyfriend. He was gay. Then! I got my first REAL boyfriend. And all he wanted was sex. He would grab my *** in school and make-out with me disgustingly. But I didn't know any better, I was just happy to have gotten my first kiss. 4 months later, THAT relationship ended. And later that year I got a new boyfriend whom I lost my virginity to. He was nice and an amazing lover, because he was very passionate. He didn't have sex just to pass the time, you know, and that's what made him so much better than my ex. We ended up separating, but a few years later he claims to still be in love with me. But when I asked him if he wanted to have sex, he said no, he wants more, and therefore will not have sex with me. When I was 14-15 I had a few boyfriends and girlfriends, but slept with a lot of people. I always had sex with one boyfriend, but once cheated on him with a pothead who graduated high school, his cousin's ex boyfriend, one of my friends, one of his best friends, a random guy from out of town, and several others. I didn't cheat all times, in some instances we weren't dating or I was drunk. But is that really a reason to have so much sex? I had plenty of other people who liked me, boys&girls who I enjoyed attention from until they got annoying. Then, I fell in love with the best friend I've ever had. But we became closer friends by skyping.. and well.. I would try seducing him by showing a little extra skin, and eventually sex was the subject, leading him to tell me his secrets. Turns out, he liked S&M. Haha, seriously? The valedictorian of the school liked that freaky stuff? I thought that was awesome! So he taught me a little about it, and sooner than later I wanted to try these things with him. I took his virginity but never got to practice domination nor submission. He said that it was "just a phase," which really pissed me off. Isn't that horrible? I stayed with him, and because he spent more time on summer college work than me, I left him. I was demented. Selfish. Definitely not one to understand. And that summer (I was only 16), I started prostituting... and I'm not exactly sure why. I could have easily slept with my best friend, but I guess I didn't want to hurt him (though I still manage to do so). And hell, how I wanted to get out of my house deserted in the middle of nowhere and meet some men. I've always been attracted to older men, and have always longed for that freedom of doing what I want. I also seek the thrill, love the danger, and genuinely enjoy meeting the john. I mean, the fact that they're all so different truly astonishes me. And still to this day, I just don't understand why men who could get laid choose to call and pay me for a... well, you know. Perhaps for the same reason I prostituted? It's a very interesting concept to me, which doesn't help any in my case. Is it okay to be this way? I'm definitely not normal. Am I hurting anyone? I have friends and family, but would they still be there if they discovered who I really was: some freak always desperate for sex? I fantasize about dangerous men, and getting dominated-as well as dominating-, and even being gang banged. Isn't that so slutty to WANT to be a ****? What's wrong with me? Does anyone else share some of the same feelings? Because all I feel is lust and the shame it brings.
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Hi there,
I notice it's been a while since you wrote your article. I'm writing just to see if you've grown as a person to realize that when you are engaging in sex and it builds into a relationship that the "other person" has to be foremost in your mind - otherwise you are abusing that person.

ORGON - one of your respondents below has summed it up... marry someone who is into this like you are, And.... yes, don't forget if you have children that you are raising a NEW GENERATION of people and they should be free of your habits and prejudices.

Nuff said..... Hope you are enjoying life!

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There's nothing wrong with you, in sex there is no right or wrong, as long as everyone is enjoying it. I was 6 when I tried my mom's pantyhose for the first time and it got me really hard. I rubbed myself and it felt so good, so good that I kept on wrapping myself in her pantyhose and making myself *** over and over again. I also discovered ****. I fantasized about my mom being in place of all those *****, being used as a ****.

I was 10 when my 2 years older friend caught me playing. He got hard and 2 minutes later he had his **** inside my mouth. We continued to play for four years until he moved away. I started looking for other guys, was it luck or not I always ended with older guys, and they always enjoyed turning me into their ****. When I was alone I continued to fantasize about my mom being a ****, about growing up with a kinky, slutty sister that I never had, about marrying a kinky **** when I grow up.

I married one and we both enjoy it when I share her with other kinky guys. She always loved kinky guys. She loves being treated like a ****. She loves it when guys call her dirty names, spit in her mouth, on her face or all over her body. She begs them to *** on her face or to **** her harder. She loves being gang banged. She loves having all her fuckholes filled and she adores it when two ***** are stretching her hungry ****. And yes, I sold her on a few occasions as well, that always makes her *** harder.

We never thought of ourselves as of freaks. On the outside we were always a normal couple with kids (and no, kids never found about us). On the inside, we're two ***** that enjoy kinky sex in a safe way.

There is no normal and abnormal in sex, as long as everyone is enjoying it and there are no irreversible injuries. Message me if you want me to help you get freed from that shame.

nothing is wrong with u.u sexy girl.have u got to exper s&m or bdsm.u wanna chat i'm here.

hard to change the way the brain is wired. I've been trying, with some success (but not 100%), for 10 years. All I can say is, at yr age, it will end in tears if u don't 'reign in dat behaviour'! Just leads to pain, disease (or fear of disease), and lonliness (that's my experience). On a positive side, u r reaching out, seem smart enough, are young and heaps of time to get it together. Take care:)

Sex is different for everyone.

Just be careful, you sound young, and it's a very short life.

It is easy to get diseases from sex, not just HIV, but more common and just as permanent. Hepatitis, syphilis, and herpes.

Hepatitis can kill you.

You can get hepatitis, and herpes and lots of things from blowing guys.

Fun is fun, but don't hurt yourself.

You should explore bondage and fetish play where no sex takes place. You can be in control, make lots of money, and remain relatively safe.

I bet you would like being a dominatrix!

Get a few fwb's who you trust... And live!