How Do I Control It?

My new years resolution was to concentrate on my business and not waste my time on sex. Let's just say that's not really working out for me. Even when I try to be "good" something inside me make it hard for me to focus. And the more I get it the more I want it. I ********** approx. twice a day to stay sane , but I know I should not crave it so much. The real problem are men. They tend to get clingny after a "encounter". As much as I will tell them I am not looking for someone they will hope they are "the one". I hate having to disappointed them even when I am extremely clear from the get go. Is there anyone who has overcome this problem and how.
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YES and it sucks.
There's only been a handful (and one is actually on here on EP) that have understood sex with no strings attached. Geez just **** me and go home LOL...

LMAO.... Can this be true? Does it really happen? For the sake of wearing out another vibrator --- send me in the right direction!!!!!

I'm not sure what type of men you're dealing with. I'm perfectly fine letting sex JUST be sex, and my guy friends are the same way. It's usually the WOMAN who can't just let it be casual without wanting more. So, I'm kind of surprised by this one to a degree. I guess for any woman who wants a guy to GET attached, treat him like he's nothing and you WANT nothing. He'll become attached. If YOU become attached, he'll do the opposite.

A healthy mixof occassional booty calls with NSA friends + learning to enjoy sexual tensiin would be the only formula that works... ohh let's not forget ************... you have git to do it as often as you need it to keep functional lol...

Maybe it's not your thing, and I might get flamed for this, but if you're ok with it, perhaps seek someone who is already attached... Just sayin'...

Booty calLs Only. Disappointing if your really into some one. But the thing you need to look for is emotional maturity. It's understanding and excepting that you can't always have what you want. Rejection hurts there's no way around it but how one handles it is the difference. Don't give out your contact info just take the guys and leave him a nice good by note if your not interested in continuing or leave a note saying until next time! ;-)

You mind and body will keep drawing you back to the sexual behaviour so that you will give it the 'dopamine high" that comes with sex addiction. They say there is no actual 'cure' for sex addiction just as with maybe able to just fill your life up with lots of positive things, outings with friends, courses, try to lock in appointments to allow less time for looking for sex. Try to find something else to be passionate about......think of making money and planning a holiday etc. Studying something that interests youperhaps! I have been an addict for two and a half years and am only just able to make plans for the weekends etc rather than keeping the time 'free' for potential hook ups. I am aroused for about 60% of each day instead of 90% like I used to be! It is really hard......I would have sex a few times a day if I could.....but Ihave to try and act normal and get on with being a wife and mother and keep my huge secret to myself. I have wasted heaps of time and lost income and time with friends and family I because I have made sex a priority. Then afterwards I feel really down because it is allso shallow and empty anyway. Within minutes of having sex my body craves more so it never seems to end. Go tomovies, exercise, plan dinner parties...whatever it takes to distract yourself. Best of luck Carlie

Very insightful... this explans why I manage to have a sucesful life... though i am stii horny 80% of my day... it is enjoyable even when you do not get to ****.. you just have to learn to enjoy the tension too...

as a male i also face the same problem , when i decide to let go i am tempted even more

you tell them up front,,this a no strings attached sex and could ony be one time, if your good maybe twice,,,then we will see,,,,but am not interested in a relationship at this time,,,just good mind blowing sex,,,, you must be very hot in bed to have guys wanting to the one,,,