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I have always loved watching sports on tv. When i was a teen I learned how the game of football is played by watching it on tv. the first team I watched was the new england patriots. it was so exciting, i ams still a fan of theirs. Every Saturday I watched the wild world of sports show. i learned about international sports this way. then when i saw my first Olympics, I fell in love with it. My goal is to go to an Olympics-either winter or summer. As i grew up I really became a seattle seahawks fan, watching the game every Sunday. Since i was a single mother, I joked that I was being dad sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and watching football. All the neighbors thought this was really enjoyed this.  After getting totally bummed out when the Seahawks lost, i decided to give up being so attached to a team. So now I just root for whoever i like at the time.  For a few years, I chose not to have a tv. this was tough during the olympics though, so i tried to watch it over the computer through various outlets, but it never worked very well. I also went out to watch the superbowl too, since i couldn't see it at home. I now have tv and was enjoying the world Series (it was awesome!!!) but bummed out when they were going to get a contestent to be on a program called the Mancave. ha!   why can't it be a woman!!!  Any other women out there that likes and watches sports?  i love Universal sports and bummed that I won't be able to watch it once they go to Dish network or direct tv. Oh, well really enjoy ESPN, VS, soccer games on the spanish channel, etc.  Give me that remote!!!

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I've been to a Summer and a Winter Olympics. It is worth doing, but is largely a disappointment. Everyone doubles or triples the prices for everything. Even in very large cities, there are no hotel room anywhere near any venue; those that are were booked years before by the various sports federations, national federations, and media.