Brand New Sugar Baby Just Thoroughly Soaked, Anticipating Meeting You, Sugar Mama -- Please Be My1st Lesbian Love Affair!!!

Posted 1/11/13 (~12:45 AM)
RE: Brand new Sugar Baby just thoroughly SOAKED, anticipating meeting you, Sugar Mama -- PLEASE BE MY1ST LESBIAN LOVE AFFAIR!!!
Well, hellooo, Ladies! :D
Okay... please be patient with me; I'm a newbie. Brand-spankin'-new lesbian (or I guess bisexual...), new sugar baby, new internet dater....
So, in “short,” I...
- am a young, charming and enthusiastic 34.
- am shocked that I haven't ever had a real lesbian experience before...
- have been fantasizing relentlessly about girls since I very first noticed my little vagina's existence;
- have also been falling in love with women from afar, in basic secret, for as long as I can remember. (Like I used to plaster pictures of pretty models all over my middle school locker, which I stared at obsessively and starry-eyed.... And I've had a couple girl-friends who would be shocked, I'm sure, to learn of the overly-affectionate and -erotic way I think of them.
- have never had the guts to do anything real beyond kissing two girls at drunken/high college parties.
- am separated; I adore my husband, really, but he has always been threatened by my attraction to women. He's also pretty inhibited, sexually, and our sex life has been quite sleepy pretty much since we married over two years ago.
- am desperate for some fast support; the hubbo has frozen up our money, suddenly and unfairly, while we figure out our affairs and relationship.
- am an attractive artist, grad student and teacher. I am creative, liberal, free and inquisitive.
- am thoroughly turned on by the idea that you're out there somewhere right now, going about your life, perhaps fantasizing about meeting some sweet, beautiful, shy and outrageously sexual young woman.... Maybe that could be me?! Maybe we should try fulfilling each others' fantasies!?!?!! :D
- am getting sooo slippery just writing this!
- have become very interested in writing erotic literature, exploring different fantasies, etc…. Since I’ve had the apartment to myself, I’ve been going just _nuts_ reading and writing erotica, watching erotic films, and buying sexy clothes, toys, etc. I’m definitely taking the opportunity to use the apartment I have to myself for a wild, liberated, frenzied marathon of self-pleasure….
- am totally interested in an online relationship for starters, and can be absolutely as discreet and respectful as you want!
OKAY... I'M GOING TO GO NOW! I'm SO excited by the prospect of sending this into the web-iverse, and thus planting the seed for my first encounter with you: gorgeous, curvy-breasted, soft-skinned, wet-lipped, twinkly-eyed YOU. Mmmnnn!! ;)
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Jan 11, 2013