The Evening Of A Topless Boxing Match

I received a nice set of boxing gloves (4 of them) for Christmas and a friend of mine named Amy offered to help me give them a nice break in. Amy is a long time friend who is dating an old boyfriend of mine. I am married without kids and my husband loves the idea of me wrestling/boxing/fighting other women. It was not long into the marriage before I discovered his total love of female fighting. I actually love it as well. Somehow I feel excited with the thought of fighting another woman my size. I am guessing it is the domination of winning and the excitement of competing. I have had many fights over the years, even in college at the bars I would stir things up. I have been involved in everything from knockdown drag out catfights to naked wrestling matches. I am 5'7" 135 Lbs with very long black hair. Amy is close to my size with long blond hair. The evening of the boxing match we both do our usual routine of have a couple of drinks and sitting in the hot tub. We have a huge basement that we went to after the hot tub. We have wrestled and fought before so it was natural for both of us to want to workout with the new gloves. After cooling off for a bit we decided to start. We sat in the tub naked so we both put on our thongs but left our shirts off. We raised our hands and started to circle each other. Amy went right in and started the attack. She kept hitting my arms and gloves and I could tell she was getting frustrated. After a minute or two she thought it would be a good idea to hit my stomach and breasts. I backed away and told her "so thats what you want huh" ? We came back together and I started to connect with her head while she connected with my breasts. Ok, for the men out there, that really does hurt. But I fought through the pain and gave it right back to her. I was close enough to her that I used my left arm around the back of her neck and she she used her left arm around the back of my neck. Our faces were close but our bodies were moved away from each other. We both had our right arms free and with rapid fire movements were started to clobber each others ****. Over and over we slugged away. I remember feeling my breasts on fire and the skin felt like it was tearing on the side of my left ***. We grunted and did this to each other for what seemed like minutes. I am sure it was only 30 seconds or so. I remember trying to hit her left *** so hard that I wanted it to reach her chin. We backed away and were breathing very heavy. We both workout at a gym and are in very good shape. Amy seems a bit softer then me, but then again I dominate her every time. We both getting angry and that usually leads to bad blood between us (for a very short time) ;) We clashed again and she through me onto the floor and jumped on top of me. This small boxing match was turning into an all out fight!! She was able to pin my arms with her legs and got one short punch into my face. I bucked her off in record speed and rolled on top of her. Amy immediately clamped her legs around my midsection and started to squeeze. That took the wind right out of my sails. She gritted her teeth and asked if I give. I told her yes. I could not believe Amy got me on this one. I have some really rough wrestling matches with her and normally win. We pull hair and really get into what people talk about now, a major catfight. I am surprised the neighbors did not complain of hearing the gloves hitting flesh! LOL Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. We were in my basement and no one could hear us scream. We looked at each other sweating profusely and breathing hard and could not believe how red and dark our **** were getting. The bruises are just now healing up. Amy, like me, never really felt the pain until the next several days. I am positive we will have many more fights. I have posted some on other groups here, but noticed no one started a female boxing group. I know many will have questions about what my husband thinks of all this!! No, he was not there to watch but loves me telling him bed time stories ;)

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Well this certainly answers my question as to whether you have had some actual fights.

My wife has always wanted to try boxing. She has wrestled and had one rules catfight and enjoyed the intensity of competing against another woman. BUT, I have to watch! :)

Excellent for a bedtime story. Your husband is one lucky guy!

As would I......! You really sound great! Thanks!

I hav always been fascinated by boxing knockouts.

The sight of a fighter being hooked to the jaw (usually with a left) and put asleep on the canvas, totally knocked out, unconscious, his boxing gloves being no longer of any use, is tremendeously arousing because knocking out an opponent in the ring is like bringing a lover to ****** in bed.

Not to forget that ladies have two KO buttons, the upper on meant to be hit by a hook in the ring, the lower one nicely rubbed in bed.

Both KO buttons serve one sole purpose: a knockout !

I other words, boxing and love making are just one single thing, mhhh...

I always wanted to find out what it feels like to be hooked out on the jaw and being sent asleep on the mat. Is a knockout felt like a (strong) sleeping pill ? Being knocked out supposes a disconnection with the immediate environment (opponent, referee, crowd...).

What happens upon wake-up ? Does the jaw hurt ? Is there an immediate feeling for revenge ? A desire to knock out cold the guy who has just sent me knocked out asleep on the canvas ? In front of so many people who enjoyed looking at me while I was visiting the boxers favourite dreamland of knockouts shall I feel humiliated ?

Has my oppeonent experienced sexual simulation looking at me lying unconscious at his feet ?

In the crowd, most men have surely experienced a hard on and woman, an equally strong sexual excitement, all eager to head back home for one sole reason: a knockout revival, in bed and when they make love they will recollect the knock out that has turned them on so utterly.

I always wondered whether the kaoyer fist hurts upon sending his/her opponent asleep on the mat. Most of the time, they seem surprised at the sight of their opponent falling at their feet, totally unconscious on their way to boxing dreamland.

It is part of the excitement to think that the person who knocks out cold the other does not even feel a bump in his gloves...

I have seen fighters being put asleep by foot kicks and knee kicks, always to the jaw which seems to be the magic button for knockouts but, in my opinion, hooks are much sexier and elegant.

I am alone with this fetish or is is shared by others ?

Definitely, boxing knockouts are the sexiest thing in the world.

Definitely, boxing knockouts are the best foreplay for sex.

dear you, when you say "i wanted her chin" where you dreaming of delivering her a hook for a knockout ? would the sole idea of putting an opponent asleep turn you on, looking at her, knocked out unconscious at your feet ?

onother question: you like bare fist combat but... domnt you think boxing gloves are sexy ? they are meant to put someone asleep it this makes them so attractive I think..

a kiss for you...

Wat a hot story !!! Next time do a naked kickboxing match with Amy ;)

I can only imagine getting hit in the breasts (especially nice full ones) must absolutely hurt!!

Have you ever boxed more formally with a woman, like in a boxing ring, with a ref, and with rounds? I am fascinated with the idea of a woman getting punched in the breasts during a boxing match, which it sounds like you have some experience with.

What would you want your husband to be doing to/for your injured breasts between rounds? Is it soothing or painful to have your bare breasts pressed against your opponent's breasts in a clinch? There are so many questions that I would love to ask you about your female boxing experiences!

Thanks for sharing!

See that clenching against breasts, that comment just hit me below the belt, figuratively speaking of course ;-)

I know we are all very simple creatures, I don't know why we run the world, though I believe that is changing rapidly!

Would love to watch you fight!

It sounds like you are a hard hitter hot and sexy as hell love your bod.

wow never heard of anything like this. interesting but not for me , i would not know the first thing about boxing. I would not even wan t to try and if i was forced i am sure it would be a quick match with me on the ground knocked out. feel sorry for both you ladies , i wince when i think about how sore your breasts must have been.

Great match!

My dad was a pugilist but none of his fights seemed as exciting as this one .

great storie

I would love to date a female that does topless boxing and wants to try regular boxing and is around my age of 22

ok its not boxing...more ufc..but with naked girls!...i think youve got a world wide hit and could make a fortune organizing and videoing the bouts! just think fight club but with naked girls.....get yourself a dozen girls and do a vid....youll make a fortune!

Dear you did it well, but would your husband fight for you ?

That was a great account. Thanks for sharing. I love watching women's fights, especially topless or nude, it is more natural. In ancient times the Spartan women (of ancient Greece) used to organise fighting contests between themselves, so it's not new. My wife used to enjoy fighting, but she sort of grew out of it.

Where do you live? Maybe we cam meet one day and do that.

well i love to fight you one day cause i'm a topless boxer too ;)

well i love to fight you one day cause i'm a topless boxer too ;)

It's too bad you don't have it on video. A real woman like you is hard to find.

Yeah, story and "right in front of you" can be different if she's your wife/gf. Great story though! Boxing doesn's usually get that close. I can't wait until the next time when you put the squeeze right back on her! You'll have to see if loosing the thongs makes the difference. ;-)

I just bet he would LOVE to watch you both fighting each other. Sounds like a bit of a tough time hope you are recovered enough now to at least be comfortable when dressed! lol