How I Become A Topless Boxer

Well the story start when i'm in a local pub in chicago .There's a girl named Cathy ,sitting besides me and keep mocking me around .I tried to make her to shut up with buying her drinks but she keeps doing ii over and over till i can't stand it anymore then i get up and pull her hair and slam her head to the table couple of times and she tried to fight but i ducked her punch and gave her a nice straight to her nose and floored her .Her nose bleed so badly and there's a girl named Karen watched my fight .She invited me to her house for some chattin' ,she said she was impressed for the way i floored the girl .So i accepted the girl invitation and went to her house ,i found her house quite large and amazing and she asked me to have a seat and give me some magazines to read while she go upstairs and have a bath .I read all the magazines ,it was all about woman topless boxing and i found it surprise because there are many pics of her fighting in topless ,she onle wore a tight g-string ,sometimes she wore a tight trunk .After she finished having bath , iasked her wether this is really she or nor and she said yes .Then she asked me if i want to see her fight or not at that night ,of course i said yes .Her opponent who named Jeniffer was like a model with her blonde hair and blue eyes and nicely shaped body .I tought she was a model of playboy magzines or something but she is not .They start changing into their robe then enter the ring with the robes .They both takes off their robes and revealing their sexy bodies in a tight g-string ,Cathy who have a nice strong body and bulge muscles in her arm and ripped belly .Her appearance is just like a pro boxer while Jeniffer have a body like a model ,she doesn't even look like a boxer but she box .Well here they go ,boxing hard like a pro ,both pull some hard punches and blood flew from both nose ,mouth and even their cut eyes .They fought for about 10 rounds then a hard uppercut from Jennifer end the match .It's hard to believe that Jeniffer won the match!! .Cathy was still on the ring floor unconcious ,her condition was in a bad state .Puffy eyes with cuts ,swollen **** ,bleeding nose ,cuts lips and swollen ***** .Jeniffer was in a bad state too but she managed to get to herself to bathroom and clear her wounds while i help Cathy to stand up and help to sit her on the stool .i can see her eyes full with tears then i help her to the bathroom and clear her wounds .Jeniffer was in there too ,after having their blood clean and getting some badages on their cuts they went to the living room with me at Cathy's house .I can see both of them have an inner satisfaction by their look on their bruised face .Then Cathy asked me if i want to join their training program and i said yes enthusiatically .Of course ,i was not good enough to become a good boxer yet that time and get into the ring with tose two cause i'll get beat up .I train for about 4 months with Cathy and Jeniffer ,then one day Jeniffer brought me a surprise .She gave me a pic of my first opponent ,she was a beauty japanese and she even look like a **** start than a boxer .She said i was gonna fight her in 1 months ,Since then ,i always train hard with Jeniffer and Cathy  to beat this japanese girl which i gonna tell the story about how i fought this girl later .For now my record is 14-1 and gonna be 15-1 next month
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VERY nice story. Do you girls tape your bouts? You could be making a lot of money, it's very hard to find videos in the market with the description you made, it's gold.

Great story Vivianboxer, I loved it, please give me more. Pedroxal

There is a site called," Diana the Valkerye", that contains a lot of english female boxing stories. I love it and think you will too. Nice story dear.

You did well, darling beating that girl in a pub. I'd luv to be there just watching you humiliating her ! See I luv fights too ! You can read how I get known my current man. I love watching man beating up another man for BJ, do you ?