I started playing Magic back in the day when IceAge came out.  It was fun and just a fun card game to play with friends.  I hadn't played for years and about 6 years ago my husband and I walked past a gaming store.  They sold cards and I found out that he had never played.  We bought a bunch of packs and I taught him to play.  Life was never the same again.  I couldn't believe how the cards had improved and the artwork was insanely good.  We spent tons of money on both printed and online cards.  We started playing with our friends every Friday.  Then he went for the collector part of it.  I personally just like making decks and playing the pre-constructed.  We played with my brothers online.  That is also a huge part of the family plans when we get together.  We go to the pre-release events and have a great time.  It is always fun getting your *** kicked by a 12 year old kid.  I started to stop playing a few years ago and just focused on other hobbies.  The hubby was bummed, but just played online all the freaking time instead.  Magic is an expensive hobby if you actually collect all of the cards and he has finally decided to give it up.  He has been saying he was going to for about a year now and a few months ago he actually did it.  He sold his collection for an obscene amount of money.  He did keep all of the pre-constructed and special sets, at my request.  I still like to play, just not every week.  The last pre-release we went to was with my brother.  I ended up getting paired with him in the first match and beat him.  My brother doesn't handle losing to me very well, so we ended up dropping.  I think I am migrating to Arkham Horror.  That is a kick butt game if you haven't played then do.  The whole passing of our Magic phase is kind of weird.  I will still play occassionally.  The art is fabulous and the math aspect of constructing and playing to win is a fun challenge.   It is also fun to just get together with friends and play a card game that changes and builds.  I have a print of Rebecca Guay's Planeswalker on my wall.  It is the only expensive art I own and I do enjoy it.  I am working on an oil painting of Stuffy Doll for the hubby, hopefully it will be done this weekend.   That is enough of a view into my dorkdome kingdom for now.

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That's awsome =)

I just started playing, it's addicting when you get into it. But I mostly play for fun, so I don't think I"ll be getting thousands into it.

I used to love magic! But haven't played in years. Unfortunately I managed to loose all my cards (not that many due to expense!) some years ago, but I asked for a couple of decks last christmas, just gotta get the boyfriend interested in it!<br />
<br />
And no need to justify! fun unless I'm loosing especially to my sister (sound a bit like your brother).<br />
<br />
I have to say, the reason I became interested in the first place was because of the artwork, isn't it fantastic!

Did I use the word fun like 10 times in this story??? Holy Crap. I was tired when I wrote it, hopefully that justifies.

my, that's some pungent dork/geekdom. Good for you.