My Very First Mamogram ....

Hi All ,
    Breeanne here , well tomorrow 10:am is the day . My very first mamogram . Not sure what exactely how to put how I'm feeling . I mean I'm excited  , happy and skiddish and actualy atouch scared . But its a step in the right direction and can't complain about that .I just wish I could get what I need to complete myself . This I feel is kinda my biggest depression point right there . Fear ofnot being able to comeplete myself .I mean if I can't then I'm not any better than when I started despite everything .Can't get past wanting to be me completely and as complettely as possible . Not sure how or if it is ever going to happenfor me but I pray and wish for it every day .

Breeanne Breeanne
46-50, T
May 14, 2012