I Sometimes Feel Like Feminists Ruined Things...

I would love to be a housewife.  I would love for my only occupation to be raising my children and keeping house.  Unfortunately, I'm expected to do that while having a full-time job and having a social life and keeping up with the times and being physically fit and keeping relatively in fashion and... where did reality go?
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Feminism is about holding the right to equality in the work force and beyond.. YOU, as a woman can choose to wave that right and do whatever you want to do because feminism is also about the empowerment of women, if assuming a mother role is empowering and right to you then that's absolutley still feminist. No one is making you do anything. I agree the expectations of society are strong, but you are tiger, you are woman! Do whatever is right for you. :)

Equal pay for equal work.

For the most part, I joke about feminists "ruining" things. I do feel that women nowadays largely feel that they have a standard to live up to - success in work, in social life and in family life - that is nearly impossible to balance, but I don't really blame feminists for that. As you say, it is our own faults for not owning our own dreams and wants and depending on what society claims.

Theres the Trinity, dear.<br />
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You can work, you can play....or, you can breed. The first and third are not my style. but see, -MY- style. Screw society, you have to choose yourself.

lol i read this and had a lil laugh. i mean i can definitely identify with wanting to stay home and raise a family... some days. other days i'm happy that i graduated college... persued a career... had a son and what not. it's great to be able to have choices. So *cheers* to those feminists that paved the way... lol however i do not feel like we have to be superwoman... most of us are heroic enough already. We've made it this far right?

What are you talking about?? Well, I know you what you are talking about, I guess what I'm really saying is that when you look at the idea of some abstract, impersonal, ignorant Culture TELLING you that you should be a certain way.... and then thinking about what is deep in your heart and your being.... how ridiculous that anyone can tell you what you ought to do. :D The weight of expectation is only heavy before we look inside and see just how flimsy and pointless and unrelated to your life they are. Live how *you* know you were meant to :D