All Woman.

 I am definately female.... I've got proof. =] I am all woman down to the very last flaw -->. 

I love being female.  There are so many things we can do. Icluding carry a child. My dream is to have my own kids. I can't wait to have a big pregnant belly (but I will wait!)! And although the shaving part sucks, the clothes are awesome!

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3 Responses Jun 18, 2007

I too love being a woman, love everything about myself!!---being pregnant for me was incredible, I have 3 great young adults- I was blessed in more ways than one-I loved feeling my baby move inside me-loved to watch my sons faces when they'd lay in bed with me and put their hands on my belly and feel the baby move---they had named "him" Eric Thomas so they could call him E.T.----well he was a she!!! I had little weight gain, no flab, no sag, energy to beat the band, no morning sickness---as I said--I was blessed! Now, they are mostly (my baby is 16) self suffcient and I'm starting to experience a whole new avenue of life for me---and loving that I might add!<br />
<br />
Good luck to you young lady! I wish you well!

well three down & ---- oh wait, no more! Three really is enough. Love being a chick just gotta find a way to pee on a wall and I'm officially ahead of the game. Oh course I agree on the shaving thing sucking... you have to be quite bendy sometimes :P

I'm glad you're such a possitive person about this! You might be the possitive future example when it comes to discussing stretch marks, baby flab that just won't go away, sore breasts, and leg cramps at mid-night that the hubby has no problem sleeping through! lol.