Well, I idenify as one. I wish my mom would accept me as her daughter..

She wants to see a strong man grow up, but I wanna be a real girl D:

I'm transitioning without my parents knowledge and when I look into the mirror I get happier and happier to see a girl standing there. A girl wanting to sit on a boy's lap and get treated gently and kind, with lots of love.

Because I've been born with Klinefelter's, which means that I'm chromosomatically both genders, the hormones work extra well. When I look into the mirror, I can clearly see the hourglass figure, my wide hips, and of course my boobs!

I'm so happy to see that, and when I wear clothing that girls wear it feels so normal. I've been raised as a boy but I clearly have had clues that I should've been born a girl, when I was younger. For that, I refer you to another more detailed experience I've had.

But to sum it all up, I'm going in a week or two, when the new school year starts, as a girl to school. And then when I'll come home, maybe I'll have to tell them, dependant if they're home.

If I may say that I'm a female, then yes, I am one and I'm proud to be one! <3 <3 x
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Glad to see you can go to school with out any resistance from others. I could not go to public schools. I had to be tutored from home as the girl my family let me be. Then went to a private girls school my last year to graduate.

Gender is your heart and your mind. I have no doubt you are a girl and you will have a wonderful life as the woman you truly are.
I hope your parents can see that too and embrace you as their daughter.

I know another person with Kleinfelters. He stayed a boy but always had problems with the boobs. Because of your genetics I think it would be great to identify with the part that you feel most like. But I would also suggest getting some support from a doctor or therapist so that your family would come to understand what's in your head and body. That way you wouldn't feel so alone in the battle. Hugs to you.

I wish the best of luck to you, but just curious, were you born with male gentiles or female gentiles? And how do you have boobs?

Thank you! :) I have male genitalia. And yes I have boobs :)

It sounds like you were born half and half. Then be the half you feel most comfortable with and transition as soon as you can. Many hugs and good wishes on your journey.

Thanks sweetheart! :) :)