It's Just Me

When I was younger I was more of a tomboy, played with the boys, was always one of the girls that were picked ahead of some of the guys for the different teams.  As I got a older, I stopped playing the sports, started going to dances, and hanging out with friends more.  I was never one of those females that used makeup or wore high heels, except when I had to.  Well, I am still one of those females that do not wear makeup, nor wear heels, or really dress up anymore, it is just me, and that 's the way that I prefer it. 

I have been told that I am not like other females by my male friends, and that is because I do not let certain things about our relationship bother me, or get to me.  I am one of those females that will give them advice on other females, and how they should handle the situation that they are involved in.  When they take my advice and they talk to me later, the question that is asked is how did you know, and my response is "I AM A FEMALE".:)

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Thanks, that means a lot

awesome story I've been inbetween girly statures and tomboy outlooks. I don't give advice that well lawls.

thank u

good one