I Love Being A Femboy

I'm on the feminine side of androgynous and I love to wear skirts and heels and wear makeup but I'm okay with being a male underneath and know how to use it when I'm with a girl. And there are big advantages when both my date and myself are wearing mini skirts and feel like doing a little spontaneous crotch grinding. Guys try to pick me up but unless they're a femboy I'm not going to be interested. It feels so good to be as I am and have friends who love me and a long career at a large company that respects me.

I see so many in the closet crossdressers and they don't need to be. Everywhere my life goes so do I in a skirt. I feel so free!
Vyjena Vyjena 46-50, T 3 Responses Mar 14, 2012

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That's so fantastic! I wish to congratulate you for this freedom! :) I want to have the same freedom: I want to wear skirts, dresses, blouses and other sexy 'girls-clothes' made of the finest fabrics of the world in public for the rest of my life! And fortunately this summer I dared to wear such clothes in bright daylight watched by people: I went shopping in my local grocery store in white see-through lace clothes (longish skirt, blouse and panty) with a patterned black pantyhose underneath! (I shared a story) That was so sexy and arousing! I enjoyed it so much. :) Next spring/summer I will do that more often...<br />
I feel like a girl and a boy at the same time. Am I a femboy?

I dont go as far skirts or dresses publicly, but sometimes I wear skintight jeans and belly tops in public. Sometimes I put them over a long shirt, when it's hot, I let my belly show, people have called me a *** or *****, or little ***** for it but most people who say something to me about it compliment me, especially girls. Im also really thin and I have curves so belly shirts look cute on me. If more people accepted crossdressing where I live I'd wear mini dresses and heels everyday in public. I'm not exactly open about it since my family doesn't know, but I'm not closeted either. I showed up to gym class (all guys) once in a pink hello kitty belly top, and lululemon skintight sweatpants. I got called a queer, sissy, *****, fairy and other things. Hello kitty and angry muscular jocks <br />
Dont get along well. But I am who I am,and it didn't prevent me from wearing girls clothes as well as perfume and occaisionally makeup to school. I love being a femboy too

Bravo dear for showing some of your ***** side. I think you'd find it most rewarding if you go full time and wear what you want to as I do. I crossdress at work as well and I'm protected by it's transgender rules which is awesome. And with the warm weather there's nothing better than dressing in a tight and short mini skirt, fishnet thigh highs, and sandal heels out in the sun or shopping at the mall. Some days for parties or clubs I'm dressed like a goth Lady Gaga in a black or red front zip leotard over slashed leggings, fishnets, or sheer black tights and platform boots. One time at a climb slumber party I wore Hello Kitty panties and camisole with stiletto heels and wrapped myself in a pink Hello Kitty robe for the few blocks walk to a club downtown. I had a fabulous time that night including being on the catwalk with the other girls in their lingerie and posing and having a pillow fight. I hope one day soon you do come out as your sissy self full time honey. I think you'll like the direction your life takes and the rad friends you make.

So you look like a girl when you dress up? I'll not call you "Sir," as Daddy has me call all men, since you're something in between. I'm trying to understand. I think this interests Daddy. I have to go now. I'm being punished for buying shoes, and I'm being milked extra this session. Liked your story though:)