I Never Wear Skirt, Panties Or Lacy Things, Its Just My Natural Look

yes it is, I'm not wearing any girls dress in and outside, I'm not wear any make up, yes I have hair longer than usual male ( but rockers and male singers do that also), its not my fault that I have good smooth skin, less body hair, and feminine look,am asian, do I have to put fake moustache so I can look more masculine???
staticonveyor staticonveyor 22-25, M 3 Responses Jan 12, 2011

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i know how you feeeel ! people always hit o n me at work men and woman its true , and my mom is like you look so much like a girl !! long hair , big booty and feminie body shape hour glass figure so ya I look like a girl ok what can I do !
people have calle me mam once or twice Im the go to guy for period cramps make up looks ect I talk to the woman soo much better than guys
I understand them so much ect , I cant help it im born this way more femme than men I guess

ahh u must look very nice for sure :),
after 2 years I look more macho now I curled my hair in afro style, and grew some muscles (if I can said that muscles lol), am happy with what Iam now, noone has mistaken called me ma'am when am driving, well I missed the ladies parking though hahaha

aah thanks for the kind words , when I got call ma'am I had longuer hair and puffy on that day , for the muscle thing I don't have much but ican lift heavy boxes just fine lol ( where iwork muscle u don't need much but strength ya , boxes stuff to put on selves ect gas station cashier u kn )
ha nice one on the parking but I like the way I look and feel its not our fault whe look a bit more feminine whe all have different DNA

well its not wrong to born that way, infact idk ... buffy macho guys is not on the hit nowadays haha u know what I mean, lol, well my work doesnt need muscles too, but I work out to look better thats all :)

well your absolutely right hun , macho guys not on the hight cuz all they do is work out loll , at work u don't require to look like a brick wall just enough to lift big jugs of water and pack selves and beside I don't feel l ike going to the gym all my life , I got a live to live u kn don't wana spend it working out

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Nothing wrong with the way you look.

thank u, do u know how I look? ^ ^

Guys with long hair are hot!

well thank u, I was have almost waist hair long, but now only have it above shoulder :(

Psh ;D Still hot. I'm sure it will reach that length again faster then you know it.