I Am A Human Too!

Feminism is about equality. Its goal is to have the female as well as the male perspective given equal voices. If we live in a society that is dominated by either sex we do not get the full experience of human life.
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It is so frustrating that there is a need to articulate this. But there is.

I'm a girl- but I don't exactly AGREE with the whole mentality of feminism...

I mean- what exactly are you ACCOMPLISHING with thinking of your gender BETTER than the opposite. We could all get along if men had smaller egos and women nagged less. My boyfriend and I are viewed in this sort of light fair and equal.

There's a way we can overcome this "unequal way of living" you're speaking of. Couples need to raise more sensitive and "broad-sighted" children. Teaching them more closely what exactly THEY think is right/wrong. Most people have weird beliefs and think one race is better than the other.
But when I'm in school and I hear an immature guy who KNOW ONE likes go "guys are better, stronger, and smarter than girls!" And I don't hear a SINGLE teacher call him out on it, I get quite worried at that and I call them out. It usually ends up in public Embarassment and they never say anything like that again, but- as previously stated- one can't change everything by themselves. But they can slowly make a difference.

Maybe your generation is just messed up. Because as far as I see it, my gen has little to no gender domination issues as grandiose as yours does. Then again, that's just my rendition of things~

Not better. Equal. That's all there is to feminism. Just equality.

"I mean- what exactly are you ACCOMPLISHING with thinking of your gender BETTER than the opposite."
Feminism's about being equal. Dunno who's been feeding you BS.

It is sometimes suggested that young people today skim read things and appear to be incapable of concentrating for long enough to ensure they understand the true import of what they are looking at. Where these offensive stereotypes come from, I just don't know.

That sounds a little messed up, Garcia. Messed up like your generation. ;-)

The Who. Talking About Our Generation. But could you believe that young one?

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So what then, is Feminism doing to help men?

Are you asking out of curiosity or is this a insult?

That's a big reason I created this group, to show this voice of feminism. Instead of arguing with them endlessly I am trying something new. I want to have this group full of the positive messages and ideals that feminism promotes and fights for.<br />
<br />
I hope you will all help me!

@runner comparing feminism to the KKK is really offensive. There is good and bad in every group, and has been since the begining of time. I feel feminism has done much more good than harm. I also feel its not perfect and we have have to continue to work on many issues. I am not going to start a new group or join another group, I am going to continue to work within my group with other members to improve it.

A lot of people think Americans are bad and cause more harm than they do good. Should we just stop being Americans? Or should we strive to be better Americans?

Oh yeah! <br />
You two ladies have said it all.<br />

I have always believed that equality was at the core of feminism. The freedom to pursue life goals despite one's gender. The right to human rights regardless of gender. The acknowledgement that we are all equal, all capable regardless of sex and should be granted equality of opportunity. I still believe in feminism.<br />
It is so disheartening to know that a movement that was as powerful and positive as the civil rights movement has been highjacked by those who "see" only the very few "radical feminists" of decades past and choose to believe that that is what feminism is.<br />
Your are an intelligent woman and I applaud you.