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This is one of my favorite resources for feminism.

Our online community empowers people to transform and re-imagine the roles of women and men and encourages people to break barriers so they can be full human beings in the world. For the past decade, Feminist.com has connected individuals with organizations, resources, and each other. We assist our visitors in finding the causes, issues and organizations that resonate with them, leveraging the massive potential of the Internet to connect, educate, and empower.

Over the last decade, the non-profit Feminist.com has provided millions of visitors with quality news, original articles, exclusive interviews, anti-violence resources (including a comprehensive anti-violence resource guide in partnership with V-Day), and the critically acclaimed Ask Amy column by noted author and activist Amy Richards (Manifesta, Grassroots) with advice and information on issues impacting women and girls.

We also feature columns continually updated by organizations such as Amnesty International, Equality Now, Men Can Stop Rape, the Nobel Women's Initiative, Omega Institute, the Younger Women's Task Force, the Women's Media Center and various other vital columns. Women all over the world are actively connecting to information, organizations and each other, through the useful and varied links, activism alerts, event listings, and women-owned business listings offered at Feminist.com.
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2012

I'll research Feminist.com right away. I bet I find something worthy of support. Thanks for the connection Dente!

is there info where to get info on opening a bussness or where to go to get mentoring or info on grants ?

I do know of some mentoring programs but I will need to go through some of my stuff to see if I can get you information on grants and business opportunties.
Are you planning on opening your own business?

thank you

"Our online community empowers people to transform and re-imagine the roles of women and men........"<br />
<br />
Ill bet.

It doesn't fit your view of feminsim so you feel the need to be dismissive of it? I suggest researching the website for yourself.

thanks ill have to look into it