Moms Rising

Since 2006, MomsRising has been working to bring together millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America.

Our members are bringing important motherhood and family issues to the forefront of the country's awareness. Together, we are working to create both cultural and legislative change, on both the national and state levels.

Last year alone, MomsRising's members took over a million actions in support of families, and in the process, were covered in the media over 1,000 times. Together, we are making major progress -- policies at the Congressional and state levels that have been stuck for decades are now moving forward, and some have already become law. For example, MomsRising played a key role in securing paid family leave in New Jersey, Washington, and paid sick days in Milwaukee. Our efforts also helped pass legislation which removes highly toxic phthalates from young children's toys and products, and the Consumer Product Safety Reform Act that will better protect our families from toxic substances.

Our Issues: M.O.T.H.E.R.S.

These are the core issues that are at the base of our grassroots movement and are taken directly from the book, The Motherhood Manifesto.

M Maternity/Paternity Leave: Provide paid family leave after a new child comes into the family.

O Open Flexible Work: Promote jobs that have work hours and career options that allow parents to meet both business and family needs: flexible work hours and locations, part time options and the ability to move in and out of the labor force while raising young children without penalties to wages and benefits.

T TV We Choose and Other After-School Programs: Ensure safe and educational opportunities for children after the school day such as accessible and affordable afterschool programs, age-appropriate computer games, as well as more educational television options and an independent television rating system, with technology that allows parents to choose appropriate programs for children.

H Healthcare for All Kids: All children must have quality health care.

E Excellent Childcare: Quality, affordable childcare should be available to all parents who need it. Childcare providers should be paid at least a living wage and healthcare benefits.

R Realistic and Fair Wages: Two full-time working parents should be able to earn enough to adequately care for their family. In addition, working mothers must receive equal pay for equal work.

S Sick Days, Paid: All people should have access to paid sick days.

Join Us

MomsRising welcomes everyone who cares about families, the future of our country, and equity for women. We may not all be mothers, but we all have or have had a mother. The MomsRising agenda encompasses the concerns of stay-at-home moms and working mothers. Our issues relate to the diversity of American families and families of all income levels. Join MomsRising today!
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8 Responses Mar 24, 2012

Men should make enough to raise the family so woman don't have to work if they don't want to. Why have kids if your just going to send them to babysitters or family all day?

If you want these things don't vote republican this coming election. The republicans talk like they are pro-family but their polices and actions in office say otherwise.

love this artical..... good info dante......

where i live we have the >>>The California Paid Family Leave (PFL) program provides partial wage replacement to eligible workers on leave for caregiving and bonding.

there is a current campaign to expand California’s family leave law to include caregiving for siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, adult children, and parents-in-law.

no one should have to chose between their job or family

Well **** you too! Thanks a lot for posting something I can not possibly argue the merits of!

Well I love the sound of this organisation especially one that puts the emphasis not just on Mum but the entire family.
For so long now it seems that the responsibility has lay with Mum to sort the children out but I think more and more Dads want to be involved whatever it may be......maybe staying at home to look after the children if Mum wants to return to work etc etc. Whatever it doesn't matter this organisation is fighting your corner !!
But I really do love the fact that all through this post despite what the name suggests, it's good family cohesion and fairness which is being strived for here. A stand for anyone who takes on a mothering or parental role regardless of gender.

That's exactly what I liked about it too!

LAV - You DO realize that women don't get pregnant on their own, correct? As a society we lament how our children are demonstrating less empathy (witness stories in the news as of late re: bullying), respect and spend inordinate amounts of time on their computers rather than interacting with friends and family. Do you not think that as a society we owe it to our children to give them a solid nurturing start to life by actually BEING with them?

Life is not about the almighty dollar, though our Western society would have you think otherwise. If sustainability is your concern, how sustainable would your way be? Less and less people deciding to have children because they simply can't get time off work when they are born to raise them. Less children = less eventual taxes into the system and suddenly an aging population creates a huge economic impact with the care they require that cannot be sustained.

So tell me... what can we not afford to do again?

Red- I can't agree more! It seems people are willing to cry over pennies at the sacrifice of LIFE and of the human species ... IF capitalism was a virus this type of thought that LAV so freely espouses would be seen as a pandemic which was threatening human life

@Dente - That's my girl ;-)

@Lav - Ah yes. We all know how happy people are about immigrants taking "their" jobs. As long as they don't take the "good" ones, it's ok...

What do you propose society do when a child is born? A woman has to physically recover from giving birth. How productive is she if she is forced back to work immediately? Who takes care of the newborn? The cost of paying for child care is astronomical.

I don't even have children but I support parental leave 100%. Raising a child MUST be about more than dollars if society is to keep even a measure of civility and cohesiveness

Ah, LAV. You blocked me yet continue to speak to me. I'm flattered.

It seems that you are not a fan of irony. I too was referring to paid maternity/paternity leave. Paid time off is the whole point; I do not know many individuals who could afford to take the time off otherwise.

As for your protestations of: "Businesses can't do this because the US is paying for a war" just know that it is fallacious to suppose that there is a causative link between two things simply because they coexist.

Ok. This sounds good. Sounds like equality.

I love this! What a wonderful organization.