Whats Love Got To Do With It? Divorce Discussion

Its no secret that women initiate two thirds of all divorces.

The most common reason women file for divorce is a tie between mental cruelty and neglect.
Only 6% of divorces sight physical abuse for the reason.

Interestingly enough a study recently showed that the number one reason men who thought about divorce did not initiate it or follow through is because they were afraid of losing custody of their children and/or feared the finacial hardship support payments would cause them.

Some claim that since women gain from divorce they are encouraged to leave their husbands.

Yet studies show that the divorce rate increases significantly with the amount a woman earns. The wealthier the woman, the higher the likelihood she will file for divorce.

And while in the past courts have largely assigned custodianship to mothers, most courts now favor joint custody.

What I would like to know is what the members of this group feel about the issue of divorce and gender and how the statistics relate to that.
What causes divorce? How could we better keep marriages together? How does the family court system award or punish one sex over the other.

This is a sensitive topic so let's all be aware of that. Let's try to have a discussion of the topic and not attack individuals.

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wow...i've never heard any of that before. nice to know, I've encountered the argument that "women always get custody of children in a divorce" as an example of discrimination against men. I didn't really pay much attention to it though, because it seems like it would be ba<x>sed mainly on stereotypes of women's role as the housekeeper and mother if it were still true...and I don't much think that is a good case for the discrimination of men.

as for divorces, i'm not sure that is really the problem so much as it is a result or symptom of greater problems

Many of the MRAepers, believe feminism is the cause for high divorce rates. I agree with you patriarchal stereotypes lead to a lot of the women as custodians issues...

lol...ok, they're just stupid (i should say misinformed but i would rather be a potty mouth)

Well at least they are consistent ... They blame feminism for everything

he he...yeah, 'at least' that

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i know my dad put up with my mom having affairs... i know of two that she had .. and belive me it changed the whole dydamics of the family in every way ...

when i got my divorce... i lost everything.. he walked out and took my health and dental insh with him ....i got the old chevy truck that broke down 7 months later, i had to throw it into the junk yard..<br />
<br />
<br />
lost beauitul home by the lake ... i ended up renting a room in a house... lost 99 percent of my furniture ( some cumtom made) thank god my lawyer was able to get some money from himfor my well being, to rent a room and stay off the streets...<br />
<br />
but yea its not true women always get the best end of the deal in a divorce...

Noone wins in a divorce and the few men who pretend all men are victims of the court system are just blind to their privledge and lost in their entitlement.

my advice for women is, save for a rainy day, tell no one and have no paper trials