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Real Feminist Quotes

" I have a stake in this.
Because I have a Mom."

" That makes me half-mom...on my Mom's side."

~~~ Mr. Stephen Colbert
Lilt Lilt 46-50 14 Responses Apr 22, 2012

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Thanks Stephen. It's been a great ride.

Couldn't agree more. Good search.

Damn straight, Lady. It absolutely baffles me why anyone with a mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, aunt, grandma, or neighbor would not support equal rights for these women.

Oh lord, you quoted him of all people his show really isn't to legit I mean its just Fox news minus the sexual perversion from its staff.

Oh no . Sorry to disappoint you, but Colbert says everything I want to say...only more cleverly. I would never compare him to Fox News, except when he gets really silly. Colbert is on the pulse of the absurdity that has taken over our country. I would rather laugh, than cry.

Thank you, Lilt. Anyone who thinks Stephen Colbert is really an ultra conservative doesn't get the joke. It's satire.

Some people really don't get it, you are right, Bijoux. I get it, and would like to get a little more. ;-)
I think Stephen is hot. Woot! A funny and smart man gets it going for me, every time.

he plays the best impersonation of Bill tiny penis O'Riley that guy is such a perv tell interns to say how big his penis is.


I honestly think it takes a greater level of intelligence to recognize dry wit, sarcasm and satire.

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Colbert= awesome!

BTW, I simply love your hat.

Usually, people are attracted to my blue button eyes.

I just want to know which side is mom, I met his dad once in the hospital and he kept telling me that he was in a hurry to catch the next flight out of there. He said it only flies over the cuckoos nest once a day.

Bijoux, all those jacked-up and swarmy dudes have nothing on Colbert.
His brain is on fire. And it is making me hot.

I love this. ;)

That is so funny that you mentioned WhatchaSay! That Colbert avatar cracks me up. He's never probably watched an entire show. But I bet he sees little clips and shouts "Right on, brother!!!"

I know! I find that funny as heck too LOL!

Colbert is a true feminist. I admire him very much. Super PAC...brilliant!!!!!<br />
<br />
I might have missed that one, Dente :-(<br />
I will look it up. His interview with Maurice Sendak is my all-time favorite.

My favorite part is the "trickle down" "tinkled on" part...

Awww, I love that!

thanks for sharing, good one!

Loved it! Good one Lilt.

I love him... did you see his show where in he interview the authors of Th Rich and The rest of us?