Men and women aren't the same. They have different strengths and weaknesses. Even men into women transgendered people have a very masculine take on what it is to be female. Logically, the equality of the sexes isn't really in dispute; what people want is recognition. But it's not what they're asking for. Unfortunately semantics always gets in the way. Having the language to state exactly what you want is vital, as I have recently learned thanks to Dente
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There are many things my wife does better than I and vice versa. We (the sexes) are not the same. A politically correct society puts too much pressure on each to become something they are not.

I'm changing my mind on poitical correctness now. A high-flying woman friend of mine working in a mostly masculine environment walked acoss a courtyard and had to endure a chant of '*******, *******, *******,' These weren't uneducated labourers they were Armani suit wearing bankers. So now I'm all in favour of PC

There are many different qualities and characterisitcs among individuals, maybe as many quirks and inclinations as there are people on the earth.. But to espouse a philosophy that pigeonholes the sexes, that condemns people to restrict themselves to a life that simply fullfills the stereotypical expectations of others, is without doubt stupid and fascist. And I am right! So there. : )

I mostly agree with Dente. This isn't really about recognition, per se. Equality is more about equal opportunity in my opinion. I think this requires that society sees the genders as equally capable of completing a task. <br />
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I'd also like to mention that while men and women are not the same, there are differences within the sexes as well. 2 women aren't similar or compatible by virtue of their sex. Sally X might have more in common with her brother Joe than with her sister Jane.

I agree. no two people can be expected to be the same in anything but their civil and human rights.

Simple. And true.

When I advocate for equality, truely what I advocate for is equality of opportunity, so that people my determine what they want their lives to be and how they want to live those lives... choices ba<x>sed on desire, ability, drive and personal preference uninhindered by outdated social constructs and overly rigged and narrow gender roles.<br />
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Equality is about choice and is not about some single choice androgynous beige society.

Equality of that.

Awh damsel, your incredibly sweet and generous, overly so... as my ideas are not only mine but, really influenced by many other brilliant powerful men and women...And despite our rocky start... I am glad you are posting here and bringing up really relevent issues regarding censorship, as I do feel in some forms it can be a gender issue... every voice should have the same opportunity to be heard!