Feminazis Are Wicked And Cruel

There are a couple of earnest, honest men of EP who, (despite the awesome and robustly asserted intellect of one) get very emotional in regards to their relationships with the opposite sex. Through maturity and experience these fellows have developed some sound ideas on which female talents should be acknowledged and rewarded, and which should not, for the betterment of society. Quiet, civilised assertions of well thought out and passionately held opinion laid out for the benefit of like-minded men are routinely descended on by hordes of disagreeable, sniping feminists who, with complete lack of compassion and minus-amounts of respect, tear these ideas to shreds. It is not a fair fight. For one thing, these heartless, agenda-driven trolls outnumber their victims. They drive a wedge between them and their low-key compatriots. For another, they shamelessly exploit legitimate sources of information and with the kind of low cunning, manipulate facts and figures to make certain aspects of the men's arguments look weak. Mocking and ridiculing is the typical feminazis stock in trade. Small wonder then, that this duo, largely disowned by even their fellow MRAs, are forced into the untenable position of having to delete comments and block commenters for fear of being out-argued and made to look silly.

Absolutely shameful
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well at least you're making light of em

I hope to be counted among those brave men's ranks someday, but i am still largely under the thumb of the locust like feminists hordes and too frightened to speak out and be punished for my defiance.

Funnier now that the duo is known to me!

Who are they? I must friend them!

They've probably already blocked you

It is not easy at all to think through what "equality" means in practice. There is also the difference between equality of "opportunity" and of "outcomes". The former is largely procedural, and hence legal/constitutional. The latter is a matter of end states and is very difficult to achieve.

I am not sure what "feminazi" means. I believe Rush Limbaugh invented the word as a term of abuse. I do know what the classic feminism of 1970-90 meant, one I call "prim" feminism, in contrast to "sex positive" feminism. Prim feminism bothers me, but I don't attack it because I see it as going out of business. Sex positive feminism is on the march in a big way, but polite society is looking the other way lol!

I can't work up any interest in the men's rights movement. I have yet to read anything by Warren Farrell, the Betty Friedan of men's rights. I know what Parental Alienation Syndrome is, and assert that it is beautiful evidence of the power women can have. It is a raw fact that men are more likely to commit suicide, to be incarcerated, to have an addiction, to be sociopaths, to be mentally handicapped, to be innumerate and functionally illiterate. By all the canons of political correctness, men are a disadvantaged class having some members who are stellar performers. I am aware of the deep tensions between black men and black women, and at the high proportion of educated black women who never marry. Condie Rice is not one of a kind.

I can't say I disagree with a word of this. But I would point out that traditionally, perhaps biologically, what puts men at a disadvantage is also what gives them the greater advantage to determine their own lives. But women have been disadvantaged by law - not so much now of course - which meant that if they were stuck with an underachieving husband they were f**ked

A major change in the female condition has occurred during my lifetime. The stigma arising from divorcing an "underachieving" husbands is now near zero. Hence no woman is stuck any more.

Most men do not take education seriously enough to "determine their own lives."

It's not true that women don't get stuck. People tend to throw their all in when they get married, and very often when things go badly wrong they have nowhere else to go

MRAcists are wicked and cruel too. Those trolls regularly come parading into the feminist groups and condemning and criticizing feminists, and common and normal women in general, for their beliefs and what we say. They make conclusory statements, and when asked for proof and facts to back them up, instead of providing any, they block the person who asked that they provide them, and then criticize and bash them, while providing references to biased anti-feminist, anti-equality websites in an attempt to try to prove that what they are claiming is true. They shamelessly exploit legitimate sources of information and so obviously, and ridiculously, manipulate facts and figures to try to make their silly, fake arguments look correct and honest. Mocking, ridiculing, and condemning is their typical stock in trade. Small wonder that they have to delete correct and reasonable comments and block the commenters for fear that they will be out-argued and made to look as silly as they obviously are. They shamefully loose the ability to be respectful and polite. They come in here and attack feminists who don't block them or delete their comments. They think its their absolute right, and entirely their business to go after other people and put them down for how they feel about things, but its nobody elses right or business to do the same to them. looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite

Was it really necessary to post this 8 times?

(She doesn't understand irony, misunderstood it and it made her angry x 8) looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite looks like u should be eating crow. This group says for feminist who believe in equality...but u are posting this. Go figure. Hypocrite.

I agree with you damselfly, it is shameful when people loose the ability to be respectful and polite. It reflects badly on a person when they attack others for their beliefs, especially when it's none of the attackers' business and they don't fully understand the dynamics in the relationship of the person they are disrespecting.

Oh good grief! The sandwich making is really no biggy. I have to say, when taken out of the context of all the areas my husband reciprocates -it would appear that the servitude is one sided which it is not. It is just different. I am in no way brainless nor is my husband selfish. We make very grand gestures with one another showing a very deep and healthy respect for one another. Really. My husband (like I am sure many men do for their loved ones) holds doors for me, waits for me to be seated at restaurants, takes my coat, keeps our yard beautiful because he knows I love it, gives really great compliments, plans really great anniversary outings, takes kiddos to the ER with the fevers because he knows I get too upset so I stay home with the sleeping kiddos, I could blather on and on but I won't ( I don't want you to puke...lololo). I am not a slave because I make my husband a great sandwich when he is hungry...nor is my husband a slave when he is cleaning the "hairballs" out of the sink drainis because I am too grossed out to do it. Naw, we have a good thing going and my brain is fully functioning. :)

No the sandwich making IS no big deal, you missed my point. Like all spouses who love and care for each other, both SHOULD do kind acts for one another. No brainer there. But when one spouse has authority over another, whether it be assumed or given, well, that is what I am talking about. It doesn't matter if it is for discipline or some sexual side path. Any time a person deliberately gives up their right to choose to make decisions that ALL of humanity should make, whether they be male or female, well. . .that is what is wrong.

I respect what you are saying. For me, and I am just speaking for me, some of what I am living out is rooted in my belief system that God created me, yes, with free will but also (I believe) I have been created with a very special purpose and I am doing my best to live in that. Just as I dont understand all different religions, I don't necessarily disregard them either. I just do the best I can with what I believe to be my God given days.

And THAT. . .Todayisagift. . .was a beautiful answer!

Thank you. I am sticking to it :)

She is the only one I really get In the submissive lifestyle...but she speaks from the heart..

And without anger. . . for that she has my respect.

Such dynamics fill legitimate psychic needs for the (willing) participants. The people who find value in them are unlikely ever to have their needs met by what you regard as what should be normative behavior. (Indeed, that you fail to see the blatant contradiction between your professed values and such wantonly proscriptive dogma is deeply troubling.)

Insist on remaking the world in the image of Norway and you will need to institute a vast and cruel totalitarianism in order to stave off the inevitable destruction of the gynocracy you will have (wittingly or unwittingly) created.

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Really Damselfly, you make them sound pathetic. . .They are big boys aren't they. . .into all the spanking and 'GET ME A SANDWICH' silliness? C'mon. . .They have two hands and two feet. They can make their own sandwich. Why can't their wives or girlfriends or what have you, decide for themselves what they should or should not do? It's a waste of a God given brain and even hard won freedom fought for by millions that is so casually thrown in the gutter and stomped on when women actually agree and even want to be controlled or what they call "disciplined" by ANYONE. I'm so tired of all these ridiculous excuses HOH and BDSMers use for selfishness. It is shallow and completely transparent.

They can't get their own sandwhichs! They are slaves! They get bread and water!

Oh dear, how silly of me. . .. ; )

My reply comment boxes are acting silly...I replied to your comment 777 in a separate comment :) Does anyone else have probs with comment boxes not working right?

yes my comment boxes aren't working properly either


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I'm a feminist but I don't treat men any different than women. I also don't agree with everything feminists stand for. I just believe that women shouldn't be inferior to men and vice versa.

It's abundantly clear in some of the comments above that some of these gals vehemently disagree with your support of equality of the sexes.

hmmmmmmm....a *********, minxie and penn......interesting.....

Penn....will you be wearing your assless chaps to the confusion dance?

He better be wearing his chaps....Or there will be no hanky panky ! haha

Hmm..I am with Penn...lost!

I'm utterly confused, but that's nothing new.

I hope these hoards of horrible feminists will one day allow for a fair fight!

what handicap would you be prepared to take?

Removal of my brain?

Where are they Dente? Show me where those evil feminists are!

giggle giggle

Good question, although not as it's meant here... getting harder and harder to find feminists... fading away, and will soon be all gone. Just another aberration in history's rubbish bin.

I would debate you on your claim, since it is factually incorrect... couldn't be much more opposite...regardless I glanced at your profile, I understand why you would post this, I hope you can get some help... in the meantime you'll be in my thoughts.... I hope for your speedy recovery.

This comment above was posted by a goblin^ please shield your eyes when reading..for fear of catching theihatefeministsicknessiliketostayhomeandbakebreadwithnoassistance....from my from my Dom hubby...since he is the BREADwinner...I should bake it.
There r more Fems than u think..obviously know.


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Absolutely shameful.

Fly: I know you weren't talking about me. I get to emotional and to rrappedup in it to stay calm and quite sometimes. Sometimes I let the femanazis goad me into an argument where i lose my cool. However, I don't know of anyone that has been shunned by the MRAs here at EP for being calm and rational. We have certainly chastised people for being misogynist or for advocating violence. But never for giving rational thoughts or for conducting rational arguments. I will ne the first to admit that I have let the femanazis attacks that I have suffered jade me toward even having a civilized dialogue with them. And that I am very apologetic in my views. I would like to meet these two that you are referring to. Maybe I could learn from them. If you could allude to their names or tell them that I am interested in talking with them I would be grateful. Thank you.