This Is It.

This woman.  Listen to her.   How strident and bold she sounds.  Disagreeable and sniping   How dare she speak to men like that!  She's going to cause them to feel all emotional and appear foolish.

"You are not the boss of me."   : )


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I think its funny how men wearing robes (that resemble dresses) and head pieces (that look similar to wedding veils) are bitching at a woman showing her hair, and wearing nail polish and lipstick. Are they jealous because she looks prettier and girlier than them? - LOL

May be. : ) I find it so strange how they give a woman's physical appearance such potent powers, almost mystical as if they are afraid she would have some kind of supernatural control over their behavior, that she could control their capacity to control themselves. They make themselves appear like fearful babies when they do this.. There's well over a million views of this video now on youtube. I hope that woman is ok. If they remember her face, they might make it very hard for her when she wants to shop again.

I love this women..she has a right to show her hair and wear nail polish....what were the men upset about...

Saudia Arabia is an extremely conservative country. They have religious enforcers that police public places and confront people who are not following strict islamic codes of conduct. Women are suppose to be extremely modest and not enhance themselves in any way whatsoever, or reveal their hair or any part of their bodies. some veil their faces. so yeah, she has balls of steel, this one.

I would do the same thing...tear...she makes me proud to be a women. It's weird that they can't really do anything lawful to her right...not anymore anyways...they are a country that needs to have feminism brought into it...I could of swore I seen a girl that had her hair uncovered..I hate modesty bleckkkk

I wouldve gotten a boob job, wore tons of make up, maybe a butt job...tight pants..high heels, everything i in real life dislike just to go against their close minded religious laws...

You are a rebel....and would have a hard time in Saudi Arabia, I think.

I least I have America on my side..she stood alone it looked like.

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I loved this! I wish I could personally hug that woman! Good for her!!!!

Brave lady. I hope she's alright.

Of course the Uppity Women's Club serves cake! <br />
But first we slaughter a bunch of animals and make our own sausages.<br />
Feminazis love to grill.

Haha, Lilt! Lmao here.

: )

one of my best friend's from the old neighborhood...i'm friends with her daughter on facebook....she posted this this morning and I ran right back here with it....

Ha! Annie, how do you find this stuff???<br />
Do you belong to one of those uppity women's clubs?

I'm going to start that Club ... the Uppity Women's Club ... will you be joining ... ??

Will there be cake? : )