What Is "True Feminism"?

I wrote this story in response to a video posted by a certain member here on EP. (See EP link below). This video got me thinking. What is feminism? What is "true feminism"? What are it's origins, what is it's mission statement, what is its agenda? I dont want your opinion on this. I am referring to actual documentation and/or evidence of what constitutes feminism. This subject does not really interest me if I am to be honest. But it has been a topic of discussion of late within my circle so I thought I'd add my two pence worth if you like. I am neither a supporter nor an opposer of feminism. I simply do not know enough about it to form a conclusion on the matter. I do however see a distinct demarcation between the liberal and the more radical feminists. My question would therefore be; Who are the true feminists? Who are the true representatives of the ideology that constitutes feminism? Who was here first? Who has a right to claim the title, FEMINIST? Read my comment below. I hope you find it enlightening, if at all interesting.

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I understand where you're coming from. Valid points. Very valid points. I'll just lay down my thoughts on the subject.

The best way for me to relate to this video and the message in this video is to compare it to my own liberation from religion. More specifically my liberation from Christianity. Once I came to a better understanding of Christianity and what being "Christian" truly meant, it's teachings and doctrines etc I realised that I did not agree with all its teachings. Not only did I not agree, I was directly opposed to some of its teachings. For example, the idea that every human being that does not believe in, understand or grasp the concept of Jesus Christ, no matter how righteous, loving or helpful they may be would be damned to hell for eternity for simply failing to understand the logic behind something that is, let's face it, hard to believe. Tibetan monks burned themselves alive for the freedom of their people. Even those guys? I struggled to accept that.

Though they were several good things about Christianity, the main ideology behind the religion was ultimately something I did not agree with. Hence it was not something I could align myself with. For in joining the cause, I would indirectly be saying that I agree with the fundamental or core teachings of this faith. But this only happened when I learned the true essence of the faith. Only then did I see the error of my ways.

Now, does this mean that every Christian who calls himself a Christian agrees with everything the bible says? Of course not. I didn't. But why was I in it? Well it's quite simple really. I was never really exposed to the true teachings of the faith. I had never questioned it's origins, it's authenticity, it's agenda, and it's conclusion. i.e. Hell for all non-believers. Many Christians have never asked these questions. They've never asked themselves if they agree with the fundamental principles of their faith. I think the same goes for many that call themselves feminists.

Now, let me just say that I don't know enough about feminism to say whether it is good or bad. I have not studied it's origins, it's agenda or its proposed conclusion. What do people call feminism? Is what this woman describes "true feminism"? If it is then I would say that feminism is indeed bad and anyone that supports it is unwittingly aligning themself with a malevolent movement.

I think what every feminist should do then, is look at the history of feminism. It's founding principles. It's mission statement if you like and decide whether they agree with it or not. After all the first mission statement should be the most authentic one right? If this first wave feminism is/was positive, i.e. good, and the members of the feminist movement align themselves with this movement and not the second wave or more radical type of feminism that seems to propagate more inequality than equality, then I would suggest that they keep doing what they are doing. i.e. Advocating for equal rights between men and women etc. But if the first movement was decidedly biased against men in general in its mission, then I suggest that anyone that does not want to align themself with this teaching reconsider branding themself a feminist. It is the one that placed the flag in the land that has claim to the land. A, "We were here first" type of thing. Anyone else that came after that has no right to claim authenticity and should therefore not be considered a "true follower" of anything.

So the question is now; Who was here first? Anyone else who came after that really should not be allowed to take the title of feminist after they have manipulated and twisted the mission statement to suit their own way of thinking.

I hope this makes sense. Sorry for the long response. It is hard to keep things to a minimum when discussing something as in depth as this.
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Your link has no story associated with it. What was the story you were referring to?

Oh. It appears that the story might have been removed. I checked that link a few times before posting this to make sure the post made sense. The link was in relation to a video posted on YouTube by a woman that i believe to be against feminism. I will try to find that video again and will upload it onto this story instead. That should make things a little bit clearer. Bear in mind though that this story was posted a while ago so I might have trouble finding the YouTube video as I can barely remember what it was called. I'll do my best.

This is just another example of KRs offensive stories that he claims were not deleted, but which many of us know actually were. I agree with much of what you say.

It would appear that way. I wonder why though. Surely a real man should be able to stand by what he says without fear of reproach? Oh well, such is life I guess.

Feminism was first organized in the US at the Seneca Falls (NY) conference in 1848. Right from the start they established long range anti-family goals such as encouraging women to leave their husbands, take his children, and still force men to support them. Feminism advocated rule by women and subjugation of men. Right from the start feminism has been an anti-men, anti-family hate group. Over the years feminism has used many lies, slogans, and tactics working toward the destruction of marriage and families and empowerment of women. First wave feminism did several disastrous changes to our laws such as prohibition and other "progressive" government tyranny, female custody of our children, easy divorce, single mother families, alimony and support payments to women who destroy our families, etc. First wave feminism was horrible hate and destruction of families and harming men and children. Its only gotten worse from her. Hate hurts everyone, including most women who have grown up under feminist laws.

I posted.a comment on my story that is linked above. Im sure the author of this story hasn't seen my reply to his comment. I urge anyone reading either story to click on the six links I provided as a reply to his comment. Thsee links are just a taste of what feminism has accomplished. I am of the opinion that you shouldn't judge people by what they say but by what they do. The same goes for a movement. I don't judge feminism by its slogans but by the actions of feminist that affect us all.

Again at the time I posted these comments the author of this story wasn't online. So he has not seen them yet. So far I have respect for the author of this story. He is unfamiliar with what is going on and is trying to learn. No one can fault a person for trying to.educate themselves on an issue that they are unfamiliar with.

Thank you. I'll take a look at those links when I get the chance to.