Knightrunner Has A Point

Knightrunner and those who share his take on the world have legitimate concerns. I can only speak for my part of the world but the issues which  trouble him are issues which also exist here.

Traditionally there has been a marked judicial bias in favour of mothers when it comes to child custody and access disputes.

There has also been a reluctance to look closely at the evidence when a woman seeks a barring order, being an order requiring her husband or partner to leave and stay away from the family home.

And there is a fairly vocal campaign to introduce different procedural rules, and even a different standard of proof, in rape trials.

These issues have to be tackled.  The rights of fathers have to recognised and respected by society and the courts.  The right of a child to have a relationship with his or her father has to recognised and vindicated.  The possibility that allegations of domestic violence are exaggerated or untrue and that court procedures are being abused has to be entertained.   The presumption of innocence must not be eroded: rape is a truly vile crime and to be wrongly accused and convicted of rape is a truly grotesque miscarriage of justice.

I'm sure Knightrunner agrees with all of this.  That's not my point.  My point is that I call myself a feminist and there is no inconsistency between campaigning on these issues and being a feminist.  These concerns are about social justice and feminism is about social justice.  Why do so-called anti-feminists find this so hard to accept?
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Because they have redefined feminism in their own image....

Great post Garcia. He does have a point. But because his posts and comments tend to be worded very ideologically (and hatefully at times), people understandably get very upset and it pushes them to reject the idea that he might have something to say. I think Knightrunner could learn something from this.

However, I think he also has a point in the sense that there are feminists whose posts are just as ideological and inflammatory as his are. But the problem is that he doesn't appear to see what he has in common with these feminists. As Pennonymous stated below, the role he has taken on in the debate is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem. He would do a lot more good for MRA by reflecting on his discourse and committing to truth instead of ideology.

Thank you. I agree completely with the 'Great post Garcia' part. No, I joke. I agree with everything you say. You probably saw my response to KR's comment

I agree. People should be treated fairly regardless of their gender. The problem I see with knightrunner is that he believes all feminists are vile, man haters, who want women to have more rights, and be treated more preferentially than men, and want to destroy families. He, and other anti-feminists, seem to think that most women are manipulative, deceptive, dishonest, users of men, and all men are good, honest, forthright people who are treated unfairly. He refuses to accept that there are actually feminists who love men, and enjoy being wives and mothers, and that we are not all extreme, radical feminists. For some reason he wants to lump all feminists into the same category. He only seems to see things as either black or white, and never anything in between. He convinces himself that the reason people aren't jumping on his band wagon is because they are afraid to speak out in public instead of considering that the real reason may be that most people don't agree with what he is saying. He seems quite delusional. Its sad because people like that will often see things from a negative perspective instead of seeing them from a positive standpoint and enjoying life as a result. They are the "glass is half empty" types. I prefer to see the glass as half full and stop and smell the roses instead of just focusing on the dirt they are growing out of.<br />
<br />
He writes: "Another important thing is that now feminist know that can't just go around and bully people without some calling bullshit on everything that they say and do." <br />
<br />
It is ridiculous and very bullying to call bullshit "on everything" feminists say and do regardless of whether its actually bullshit or not. People should only call bullshit on what is actually bullshit, and not on everything some people say and do simply because they belong to a movement that person doesn't like. People who behave that way and go around calling bullshit on things that are actually truthful simply because they are against the group the person belongs to end up completely loosing their credibility. <br />
<br />
He writes: "They are scared. That's the best part." We are scared? Scared of what? I am not scared of anything that people like this do or say. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. <br />
<br />
He writes: "If I was just some crackpot telling lies then I would pose no threat . . . Im the most dangerous person to feminist. First I know the truth. Second they can't shut me up."<br />
I just can't stop laughing right now. The most "dangerous person to feminist"? That is hilarious. He poses absolutely no threat. Some people are so egotistical they can't see the forest for the trees.

I don't think KR actually does believe it, it is just an excuse to let off a lot of passive aggressive steam and work up a bit of hate. Actually I think most guys are feminists - they don't always act that way, but boys will be boys

Garcia, you are correct: it is simply common sense. I do love that you are a voice coming from an angle of experience most of us do not have. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Great post Garcia. As usual. Seems every time you post something, it's well written, well thought out and crystal clear. :-)

Now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But while I'm waiting, thanks. I learned everything I know from watching you.

The other shoe? There's only one? I'm waiting for someone to throw a shoe at me. :-)

Garcia if plural marriage was legal I would marry you...I have also voiced these EXACT concerns... the parental alienation syndrome, the fact that fathers are not allowed to be ... I have talked about the issues of family court... as with rape, i disagree with knight and others that women intentionally misuse the system...or use accusations of rape to "get back" at men... I do however agree that as in all crimes we know that "memory" and what actually happened are not the same, this isn't from intentional deception or any failing upon a victim it is merely a proven truth of human memory...the same goes with "eye witness" accuracy...

P.S. I actually financially supported the "innocence project" on numerous occasions and for quite a long time... I was made aware of the organization through a function that many would label as "feminist" in nature...

I'd settle for a BJ in the gents. Is it too much to ask?

Go into any feminist room on the net and post this article and see what happens. Talk about how men are 50% of domestic violence victims. Talk about how there are less than 10 domestic violence shelters in the US that accept men. Then talk about how the rape laws don't protect men from women raping them by envelopmemt.
See how long it is before the feminists to shreds.

Watch this space. If it happens, I'll learn from it. But if it doesn't, will you?

Did you just copy and paste this from another one of your rants? KR, look in the mirror man. You argue with people that try to take your side!!! Why the hell wouldn't you expect an argument from people who wholeheartedly disagree with you. Honest to God, I don't know why Dente wastes her time arguing with you. You are insufferable.

No Penn. I don't argue to.get people.on my side. I post stories and comment on other stories to show people what feminism truly is. The most important thing I do is to unapologeticly speak out against feminism. Most people are tired of feminist and their B.S. But most people are afraid to stand up and speak out in public. Even here on the net. By speaking out I give others the courage to do the same. Things are starting to change. And its because people are getting the courage to stand up against tyranny and oppression of the feminist hate movement.
Another important thing is that now feminist know that can't just go around and bully people without some calling bullshit on everything that they say and do. They are scared. That's the best part. They know that the chickens are coming home to roost. That its time to pay the piper. On day soon society will ask for payment for all the wrongs. The payment will be that anyone labeling themselves a feminist will have to suffer public scorn and detestation, as they rightfully should. Im just one of the many cogs in the machine. Nothing more.
Dante argues with me because the survival of her hate movement depends on silencing the truth. She uses shaming language and lies to discredit me. Think about it Penn, if the truth didn't pose a threat then why silence it. If I was just some crackpot telling lies then I would pose no threat. She thinks I pose a threat to feminism. That proves that my point have validity. Im the most dangerous person to feminist. First I know the truth. Second they can't shut me up.

If you are standing up against the tyranny and opression of the feminist hate movement which side are you on? Sounds to me like another religious hate monger on the right, regurgitating what he heard on the old fox network. Perhaps you should get outside and be a productive human and learn to love yourself dipshite

"Most people are tired of feminist and their B.S." No, my friend. Most people are tired of bullshit altogether, and you've been spewing your fair share lately. It's not that you're not factual (although, you do twist what people say... I don't know if it's intentional). If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Unfortunately, you are not part of the solution.

Again I don't watch fox. I don't watch any cable news networks. Religious yes. But my stance on feminism is based on what isright and wrong. Feminism is definitely wrong. Im on the side of equality which is the opposite of feminism.

Lowrider again with the women and feminism are the same thing? Can you not see the difference in an ideology and a group people designated by their gender. Ideas and humans are not the same thing.

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