Newsflash There Is No Such Thing As Feminism. (About the knight)

BECAUSE FEMINISM IS NOT A MONOLITHIC MOVEMENT. We do not all agree on things. Knighrunner has suceeeded in mucking up the debate beyond recongition by attackign all feminist and it's my job to be a spattering of screws. There's three waves of feminism. there's sex positive feminism and sex negative feminism, there's lipstick feminism and lesbian feminism and then there's radical feminism and you want to know one major important thing about all of these groups?

They all hate and disagree with other, for the most part. Some come together. Some not.

The problem with KR is that he's not against any one branch of feminism. He's against feminism altogether. Which is to say he's against women because he hates women. He's a misogynist who's trying to make it look like it's a women's struggle he's against but if he didn't hate women he'd actually do the research to know this stuff. Instead he's using a wide paint brush that ultimately strawman arguments everyone distorts their positions into something they never said and then attacks the distorted position and does a dance for joy that he won... As if he was right.

Almost nothing he's said to date has been a position me or anyone who's taken him on actually has but again. "feminist" it's all those pesky non existenant  feminist.

More over when we call him on this he deletes the comments and then just calls us a bigot or a "mangina"

the point i'm making is when you say "Feminist" you are being so vague that it holds no meaning at all. That's what talkshow host and this bigot don't get. 

this man is a coward who is not interested in a real debate. He wants the appearance of winning rather than actually winning. 
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 23, 2012