Giving Thanks

Another Thanksgiving holiday has passed. I hope you all shared some time with loved ones. It is truly a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. I had the good fortune of spending the week down in the beautiful, white sandy beaches of the Gulf. Along with me was my husband, our three sons, and my little dog.
On Thanksgiving Day, I frolicked on the beach with my little dog, letting all our worries wash away with the tide. It was at this time, I realized how thankful I am for...
Yep, that's right, FEMINISM. I had a little chuckle at the MRA idea that us Feminazis want to exterminate the male population. Hehehe...why would we want to do that??? On this holiday, I was so very grateful for the wonderful four males in my life. After 25 years, I have them all well indoctrinated to their roles in a world where women reign superior.
As me and my little (female) dog basked in the sunshine, my four males were hard at work in the kitchen. For two days, they planned, shopped, chopped, sauted, roasted, basted, carved and served a delicious feast. Here is the best part...they ASKED to do all this. That is the real beauty of feminist brainwashing, if you do it right. The meal was outstanding! The clean-up took quite awhile, but not one of them complained. They even seemed to be enjoying themselves. Adorable!
Exterminate males? Not a chance.

*not an angry feminist*
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6 Responses Nov 26, 2012

It's that feminist mind control trickery, Ari!
It starts off with a few simple chores...
Then world domination!!!!

A story I enjoyed more than more. Thanks.

Sounds more like a Feminista........

Glad you had a good day.

*Realizes there may be ulterior motive behind the turkey-cookin compliments I get*

I been owned?

Owned? No way! That would imply slavery or something. Did you volunteer to cook the bird? If you did, then my case is closed.

Lucky you! My son, the one who helps me with the cooking, the serving and the clean up couldn't make it home this year. He did call first thing to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and to ask about the spices I put in my stuffing since he was making it for his girl friend's family, along with the rest of the meal since she doesn't really like to cook.
But my daughter was able to make the journey home along with her dog and cat. She pretty much had a wonderful time, lounging in front of the TV watching Gilmore Girls reruns and playing on her tablet while her animals terrorized my cats and ate my houseplants...somehow all unnoticed by her....while I cooked. When I announced that the deviled eggs were ready if she'd like one she responded that she had really wanted to help me make them, but didn't realize I was doing it.

I guess I raised them both right ;-)

Yes, Datura, you have done a wonderful job! Feminism for everyone!