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Something I'd like to point out about the idea that any woman's behavior means that a rapist's behavior is somewhat excused...

Provided the rapist is male, this is a deeply misandrist argument.
What you are arguing is "Women have the power to make heterosexual males lose control of themselves."
When you blame the victim, you are inherently saying the victimizer was rendered temporarily mentally unable to control his (or her) actions.

If women wearing revealing clothing is to blame for what men do, you are saying that men are prone to fits of sexual psychosis in which they hunt down and **** any wandering female, rather like lycanthropy.

...The fit comes over him and he must mount someone, anyone with a v@gina, or in a pinch an a$$ might do, but he MUST have an orifice, NOWWWW!!!
...And rapt in a sort of brain-dead, c0ck-throbbing human musth, d!ckzilla surges forth again to find his hapless, miniskirt-wearing victim!

Is that REALLY supposed to be flattering to men?
Is that REALLY supposed to advance the rights and dignity of the male in our society, by portraying them all as insane sex fiends?

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Am I not one?

You are trying not to hurt anyone. You are a good man.
No matter how much you hurt, you are taking responsibility for you own actions...that's what makes a good man.

This piece was sarcasm, you know.

I know. I agree. It is as stupid as blaming someone for your own emotions. Well... not that far... but worse.

It's the 'I'm not at fault' illogic that helps convince them it is 'ok' to do that.

Children were first given protection rights in 1886 in the UK. Women started to get the same treatment as men around then as well. Society doesn't change as fast as people would expect... unless there is an outside influence to force society to change. It's taking too ******* long to change. May we just nuke the world and be done with us?

And... here's something to be pissed about: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/iowa-prison-let-inmates-watch-movies-sexual-content-093947430.html

She does have a point about the videos in question. How is it possible to rehabilitate them if they get to watch things that got them in prison in the first place, which only encourages them to not change?

Maybe I just need more ... idk... idk what I need.

"It's the 'I'm not at fault' illogic that helps convince them it is 'ok' to do that. " Yep. And that's why you're one of the good guys, because you do care, and you do take responsibility for your own actions. I wish your life were not such a struggle, my friend.

I couldn't agree more! Love that avi by the way.