Doozy Danny

He's still here on EP. I come across him every once in a while in the question section.  What a doom and gloomer!

The Peppery Man was cross and thin
He scolded out and scolded in
He shook his fist, his hair he tore;
He stamped his feet and slammed the door.
Heigh ho, the Peppery Man
The rabid, crabbed, Peppery Man!
Oh, never since the world began
Was any one like the Peppery Man.
His ugly temper was so sour
He often scolded for an hour;
He gnashed his teeth and stormed and scowled
,He snapped and snarled and yelled and howled.
He wore a fierce and savage frown;
He scolded up and scolded down;[
]He scolded over field and glen
,And then he scolded back again.
His neighbors, when they heard his roars,
Closed their blinds and locked their doors,
Shut their windows, sought their beds
,Stopped their ears and covered their heads.
He fretted, chaffed, and boiled and fumed;
With fiery rage he was consumed,
And no one knew, when he was vexed
,What in the world would happen next.
Heigh ho, the Peppery Man
,The rabid, crabbed Peppery Man
!Oh, never since the world began
Was any one like the Peppery Man.

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Great tune. Always loved her music - moreso solo than when she was with 10,000 Maniacs.

This CD is wonderful, one of my favorites ever.... she put her music to children's poems written by others. The deluxe edition has bonus selections which are all just as good maybe better then the main ones, in my opinion and has a stitch bound, hard covered booklet where she writes a short biography of each of the poem's authors and liner notes and such.

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

PUck: Pulled the disc out to look at the liner notes and the wall came a tumbling down. LOL! They don't say anything about the instrument...this is all it says

Hazmat Modine:
Rich Hubntley, drums
Peter Smith, electric guitar
Steve Elson, baritone saxophone, B flat clarinet
Pam Fleming< trumpet
Michael Gomex, dobro
Wade Schuman, ddiatonic harmonica
William Barrett, chromatic harmonica
Joseph Daley, tuba

The Fairfield Four

Issac Freeman, vocals
Edward Hall, vocals
Robvert Hamlett, vocals
Joe Rice, vocals
Joseph Thompson, vocals


Damn! Awesome song!

In all these years, you have never dedicated a song and story to me! Harumph!!

Oh, that will be remedied, I'm sure! But I can't force it...these things pop into my head uncalled for

I'm sure glad I took a listen. This is right down my alley. I bet ya 5 dollars that guitar is a Martin.

see above for reply so I could indent the list

Well thanks a lot for typing that !!

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