A Standing Ovation To Indian MRAs!


Okay… I hope you watched the video above. In case you didn’t, I’ll describe it for you:
00:00-00:25 :- The camera focuses on Mr. MRA’s jean-clad legs as he strides purposefully through the dusty streets of New Delhi. Peeps and honks can be heard in the background. Mr. MRA stops momentarily to crush a cigarette stub with his sandal-shod feet.
00:25-01:00 :- Mr. MRA hops crisply on to a public bus. He stands innocently at the back of the bus, surrounded by comfortably seated young women. (Note that Anil Sharma of AVFM had averred that the first half of the bus was reserved for women.) The girls are chatting animatedly. The camera focuses on their faces to capture their expressions. Two girls point at Mr. MRA and laugh among themselves, making exaggerated gestures. (Is this supposed to be ‘adam-teasing’?)
01:00-01:25 :- The bus lurches twice, and Mr. MRA is propelled (twice) into the arms of a female traveler. He says a hasty “Sorry”. But no… the feminazis want some bloodshed….
01:28 :- LadyFem thwacks Mr. MRA in the face.
01:25-01:50 :- Now, the camera focuses on a woman who says (translated) – “Brother, aren’t you ashamed!?” The camera turns around again – the woman who slapped Mr. MRA is giving him a look of sheer disgust. Several girls look with hostility at poor, misunderstood Mr.MRA.
01:50-02:25 :- “Must – do – something – now.” Thinks Mr. MRA. He positions himself cleverly in front of the girl. The camera focuses on him again; in particular, at the daggers look in his eyes. The bus inevitable lurches again, this time propelling LadyFem into Mr. MRA. She says “Sorry”, but no! SLAP! The Men’s Rights Movement has come to India!
02:25-03:00 :- The bus falls silent, and LadyFem looks properly chastised. You see, spanking is good for women!
03:32 :- Mr. MRA has a look of new determination in his beady eyes as he hops off the bus. Swinging his satchel off his shoulder, he walks on – a new man. Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination on the grounds of gender. The clip ends with credits to the actors.

I have a nagging doubt that most YouTubers did not see the last part of the video (with the credits for the actors). Take a look at the comments section:

…and Paul Elam himself.

… and some member of AVFM

("dhanu: from the way its been filmed, it doesn't look like a real incident but a shot one, because the camera seems certain about all future events. But I may be wrong" - Guess who didn't see the credits at the end?)

This video trivializes sexual harassment that women have to face on board public transport. It also shows a highly airbrushed portrait of the real situation
“Poor enforcement of laws and low rate of conviction in cases of eve-teasing and sexual harassment are the two main reasons behind spurt in such cases. Most recently, an assistant sub-inspector of the Punjab Police was gunned down in cold blood in Amritsar, when he intervened to save his daughter from a stalker.
Investigation done by Hindustan Times revealed that during the last five years, 51 cases relating to eve teasing in the city were taken to court and only five were convicted, while 30 others were acquitted due to lack of evidence…………..A police officer on the condition of anonymity said that 80% cases of eve-teasing go unreported as women don't want to get themselves embroiled in a controversy. Even in cases which come to the police, victims generally shy away from pursuing the case.”
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This reminds me of the propaganda films made by the Nazis during their propaganda war in the thirties and later during the war.

So many men did so many disgusting things to me when I was younger and lived in Texas. I was flashed several times, would regularly get ground on and groped by men around me when riding on jam packed buses and having to stand or in other situations where they could do it and then claim they hadn't and I was mistaken if I called them out on it. I was told repeatedly that I was so sexy I should become a ********, and many other things, when I was just a young teenager. They would sometimes even say "nice ****" or "great ***", and things like that to me.

I would tell my mom and dad about these things, but the town we lived in was so screwed up they didn't feel that taking a stand by going after the men or reporting them to the authorities would do any good, and would likely end up going against us. I became very introverted as a result, and did not like to go out in public unless I absolutely had to. I was so glad when we moved out of there.

I recently found out that Paul Elam, the founder of A Voice for Men is a Texan. That did not surprise me at all.

MRAs love to complain that male sexuality is being demonized and that there are many more laws protecting women than men... I aver that male sexuality will continue to be demonized as long as there are men like this (like the guys who molested you) in the world. If anything, the real threats to the Men's Rights Movement is not feminism - it is the large number of men who "harmlessly" molest women on streets, leaving deep psychological scars.

So, why is Texas (of all the states) so unfriendly towards women?

"So, why is Texas (of all the states) so unfriendly towards women?"

I'm not sure why, but it seems to be the case. Perhaps its because they objectify women and rather than opposing it, many women encourage it. There are more ***** clubs in Texas than I have seen anywhere else. They call them "gentlemen's clubs", and there are lots of women who act like Stepford wives, who choose to look like Barbie dolls, and make being in beauty pageants the entire focus of their life.

Wow! It takes a very understanding man to do something like this.... Unlike Anil Sharma who is complaining that Jyoti Singh Pandey's boyfriend is a victim of misandry because he was not given preferential treatment. Does Jyoti's boyfriend think so?
I don't think those men who are protesting are weak in any way (although the MRAs will pounce on them and call them 'manginas'). Their 'masculinity' is tempered with understanding.

Let me understand this, they couldn't find any real life misandry, so they created fictionalized misandry and this classifies as "activism" and proof of the needs for men's rights?

and the freaking conspiracist loons are so far gone they can't spot fiction? OMG

It IS quite funny.

Another matter altogether - who is Erika Jarvis? Anyone know? Googling for her gets me no satisfactory answers

yes!!!! I can help

Yeps... can you believe it?

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