Equal, Different, Opposite

Too often I have wittnessed the discrimination poured out against women because of their reproductive organs. Yes, I am a man and I make my public statement here and now.

Women differ from men in many ways but are similar in other ways. We all have sex drives, personal ambitions, likes and dislikes. The major difference is in the physical ability. Men are generally larger than women and have better major muscle control. But women have fine muschle control that few men can match, even with years of pracitce. A man's mentality for long term (decades) is better than a woman's, but a woman's ability for fine detail planning is far better than a man's.

The major problems that women face in a "man's world" is in the unfounded asssumption that some men still carry that men are superior in every way, and the question of women in combat. As a former Marine and father of 3 kids who all served in the armed forces, the consensus is that women don't have the necessary physical ability to enter combat situations. Colnsider a woman with 90 p;ounds of equipment on her back, a slung rifle dangling and trying to drag a wounded soldier's dead weight out of harm's way. We all agree that we would not want to be that wounded soldier and have our lives depend on that 130 pound woman.

Other than that, those narrow minded men are missing out on a lot, by being so mentally controlled by their inadaquasies, usually physical.
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3 Responses Feb 4, 2013

I agree. I also feel that many women do not have the mental and emotional ability to enter combat situations. Because women are often physically weaker and not as aggressive as men, and not as capable of handling violence and witnessing physical injury and destruction, their ability to be strong and capable soldiers is questionable.

I wouldn't be very good in the army, but "combat" is more than wars to me. I can handle myself in combat with a man when I'd get attacked on the street. :-)

Men might be strong, but women can be fast, agile, flexible and master the same skills (or more) than a man.
Never underestimate a fierce lady as well as a fierce man. ;-)