Who the Heck Is Pro Abortion???

 tell me one person who WANTS you to kill your baby....why do people change the wording inorder to justify their decisions?? i am pro choice, not pro abortion, not pro death.....just pro choice. its not like i call pro lifers PRO MY WAY OR NO WAY.....cause that basically expresses the lack of choice involved in the whole 'pro-life' concept..

look, everyone wants a pregnant mother to be happy, eat healthy, and give birth to a beautifual baby......but not every case is black and white, not every baby is concieved willingly, and not everyone wants a baby. and yes, there are other options, but as a pro choicer, i simply feel that regardless of what i think you should do, it is ultimately your choice.....because it is YOUR life, not the unborn babies, and certainly not anyone elses!

and yes, even those who choose abortion sometimes regret it, but that doesnt change the fact that you once were allowed your choice in the matter.....now just because you cant live with it, that doesnt give you the right to want to deny others thier choice!

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that sounded beutiful lol

I understand. you just think baby's should not have a choice and should be given a chance at life only if you choose too. I got it. you are a PRO

Being anti abortion is being anti women. You are denying rights of a woman in favour of the non existent rights of a zygote. That's anti feminist. Any 'feminist' saying she is anti abortion is no feminist at all.

'I think what is meant here is that Pro-choice does not necessarily equal pro-abortion.'<br />
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thank you.....it bugs me the way people reword inorder to intensify such a simple concept.

Okay, I think what is meant here is that Pro-choice does not necessarily equal pro-abortion. They actually have a group on EP called "I am Pro-choice and Anti-abortion".<br />
It still boils down to "Her body, her choice" as it's bottom line; but it does describe how they don't necessarily say "abortion is good hoo-rah! use it instead of contraceptives!", it just says it's necessary in a woman's options. It's similar to a person saying "I hate religion but I'm a christian" or "I love communism but I hate china"

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'You need to think a little about what you're yapping about.'<br />
you should seriously take that into consideration yourself. <br />
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'Being pro-gay marriage doesn't mean you want everybody to be gay, does it?'<br />
exactly, thats why when your pro choice, you're not pro abortion....your simply pro choice....<br />
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the whole point of my story was to address the fact that we reword a cause to appease our own agendas....i'm not a member of this group. i dislike the pro abortion and anti life phrases that have been coined by pro lifers in an attempt to adjust the way you view pro choice.....i do not want all mothers to abort their babies which is why i'm not pro abortion...i do ont want all unborn babies to die, which is why i'm not pro death.....i simply want the right to choose between keeping my fetus and aborting it, i.e. pro choice........<br />
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i can not reiterate myself any further....my explanation behind my reasoning, clearly, is falling on deaf ears...thankfully, you are the only one who doesnt get it...if you have nothing intelligent to add, dont.

Were not talking about you or me here, so personal attacks are totally unnecessary and such a cheap way to "prove your point".<br />
I think I know what pro-choice means. It means I am for making the choice of getting an abortion or not. You obviously can't read the part where it says "getting an abortion". You can't be for the choice but against the decision. Being pro-gay marriage doesn't mean you want everybody to be gay, does it? It just means that you're okay with it; being pro-abortion/choice means you're okay with abortions. You need to think a little about what you're yapping about.

pro choice means you want to be able to choose what stays and what goes where your body is concerned. pro abortion means you want to abort every pregnancy....no one wants to abort every pregnancy but we want the choice to abort when we feel the need be.....we are fighting for our right to choose life or death, not have one or the other forced upon us....<br />
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clearly you are a moron....you are the only one who misunderstood my point!

I have to agree, what is your deal with name calling and someone simply answering and stating their opinion like you did? chill... really

You didn't read your own story, or title. It doesn't make any ******* sense. You said, "I am pro choice, not pro abortion, not pro death.....just pro choice." How can you be pro CHOICE but not pro abortion? Pro choice means yes AND no to abortion. You can't be pro choice but not pro abortion, that's totally contradictory.

Yes you can, pro choice means just that- pro choice. You want women to have the choice, you're not advocating for them to all go get abortions.

did you even read my story....or just the title.....i'm pro choice you dumb ****

How can you be pro-choice but not pro-abortion. Being pro-CHOICE means being ABLE to kill your child if you cannot have one. If it is the pregnant mother's life, THEY should be able to decide what to do with their baby's life, not you. People who can't live with getting an abortion made the wrong choice, and that's their problem. You don't know people's stories, or why they would need to get an abortion so you can't make that decision for them.<br />
And yes, I would kill my baby if I could not take care of it and if I knew its life would be miserable. Try opening your eyes and respecting people who make that decision.

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