Misogyny And Racsim Running Rampant?

I found this comment on the group I am anti feminist.
The person posting it goes by the screenname Greenbare and posts unfactual information against women and feminists prolifically.

This is one of many.

Posted by Greenbare on Feb 21st, 2012 at 10:31AM

Susan B. Anthony, one of the heroins who founded feminism, was the leader of her state Womens' KKK, (WKKK) chapter with over 250,000 feminist members. Feminsim and racism have always been the same hate club.

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And from another member Nationalist/anti-feminist Warrior Posted February 6th, 2012 at 10:45PM By: irongrenadier Age: 26-30, Man my childhood and dating,due to my bad experiences with women have made in to a racist woman hating warrior. i saw how racist women can be in the dating world.so it made me hate spick women,honkeys and nergoid women with a passion....i hate them so bad that it is not funny...i say wipe em all out..all they do is take men's jobs and free load off of welfare and child support..they dont do any thing for the country or any civic duty's.they are useless!!!
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You are bang on Dente. The same few put out consistent diatribes against women. The mere fact that women are held in such low regard by some is unfortunate but I believe most rational people don't take it too seriously. Thank you for speaking up.

I've only been looking into the whole MRA thing for a few weeks now. I initially ran across them while trying to find out more information on father's rights advocacy. I have to say most of the MRA websites I've seen are as hateful and sexist as the worst radfem garbage I've been exposed to. Unfortunately, this guy, as crazy as he sounds, fits right into the mainstream for their movement.

I got into a bit of an argument with Greenie 2 weeks ago and he flagged my account into oblivion. So, thanks to Greenie, I came back with a legit account.<br />
<br />
He's an ***. Somehow, the Admins say that his behavior is within the TOS. I don't get it.<br />
<br />
But, as Dente knows, I don't only argue with the Right, I also argue with the Left.<br />
<br />
Click on the link below and let me know what you think: <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-A-Feminist/2188759" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Can you explain the details of "he flagged my account into oblivion"? I don't think any side of a controversy should be empowered to do this. EP's rules or policies in this respect stink.

It was my bad. I had an account with an improper e-mail I had technically violated the TOS. So, when I went after him in a thread, my account was deleted after having been flagged.

No. There was a typo. My account pointed into oblivion.

"Hopefully we can attack their ideas and not them. ( its hard I know)" I haven't seen much of an effort of this sort from you, vitd. It you want to start I would welcome that. <br />
<br />
You could start by changing the title of this story. You call Greenbare's comment misogynistic and racist. Attacking SB Anthony with information apparently gotten from a useless source is attacking SB Anthony. It is not attacking women. For that matter, attacking feminists is not attacking women. "racist"? Calling SBA racist is not racism. That's really playing fast and loose. It would have been racist if he said the opposite, that SBA supported blacks and shame on her for that, rather than saying as he did that she was KKK and shame on her for that. If falsely accusing others of racism is racist, then progressives are profoundly racist.

I will not be changing the title. Susan B Anthony was not a racist claiming she is and that all feminists are is replusive.

Why you want to defend this kind of hate is beyond me, it shows a lot about your character.

"Hopefully we can attack their ideas and not them. ( its hard I know)" and immediately you attack my "character." I didn't defend his post. I called it "information apparently gotten from a useless source. " You call that defending it? I'm saying that even when he does something dubious it doesn't give you the right to lie about it. I repeat. SBA is not women. Slandering her is not misogyny and it is not racism. Feminists do not own the female sex. You added irongrenadier's comment to try to make your title defensible. You're a hypocrite to complain about Greenbare's falsehood by making a lying characterization of it. You are so nasty. You even reviled me for posting health information on your whiteboard, similar to what I do for many people on EP.. Whenever I try to reason with you calmly you go into this villification mode. If you were ever willing to be civil I would be willing to reciprocate.

You went on to post an article talking about how S.Anthony didn't speak out against lynching. You tried to insuinate that Feminists partnered with the KKK. I do not recall you refering to it as a useless source, I recall you posting an article that depicted through insinuation feminists as being racist, that they only looked out for women and were not promoting equality.
I am not lying in my characterization of it. I am telling you how I precieve it. And greenbare didn't just call S. ANTHONY a member of the KKK he claimed all feminists were racist. He makes several sweeping generalizations about women with impunity and you have to nerve to say he doesn't? How many comments has he left in which he refers to me as vita c u n t?
How many times has he referred to women who disagree with him as fat sows, bull dy kes, racists, ect????

I did not revile you for posting on my whiteboard. In fact I thanked you. But corrected you on your assumption that I was suffering from several medical conditions. You also stated you learned "a lot about" me by viewing my profile and it explained my behavior to you. Are you saying that wasn't some slight upon my mental fitness?

I do not feel I am nasty, nor do I feel I am uncivil. You do not reason, you bully. When ever anyone dares question you they are met with vicious retorts questioning their knowledge. You come off as very condescending. You also constantly use passive agressive attempts at controling the behaviors of others. You've threatened on many times to gang up on posters and vote them down, you've threatened to block people if they don't fall into line with how you want them to behave, you encourage others to join you in your harassment of people who do not say or do what you want them to.

You constantly blame your abhorent behavior on others. When you participate in behaviors you condem others for exhbiting, you do not take responsiblity but instead try to sell the notion that your victims forced you to act that way.

Even now you post " Whenever I try to reason with you calmly you go into this villification mode. If you were ever willing to be civil I would be willing to reciprocate."

As if I forced you into your poor conduct, as if your behavior is because of me.

Maybe this will get deleted again. I believe you are confusing me with somebody else who said viewing your profile explained your behavior to him because I don't remember saying that.

Deleted again?

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Hopefully we can attack their ideas and not them. ( its hard I know) what I don't understand is how that group can turn a blind eye to this blatantly harmful behavior, the four loudest mouthpieces in those groups do more harm to their cause than good. They consistantly reaffirm that they have no real position to stand on so they have to either completely lie, take ideas out of context and schew data and then apply it to things it isn't about to. When they have no data its because there is a conspiracy. When they have no defense they attack ob<x>jectors personally. Their behavior reaffirms that we still live in a world were unequality reigns.

A group on EP is not a club that admits or expels or rewards or disciplines people. You know that, vitad.

I disagree. In fact rewarding and disciplining people is done on EP, its called voting people up or down. Your quick to argue with "feminists" but do not say anything against completely racist and sexist remarks.

Since you seem to follow my postings some, you should have seen my strong words against EP's resident anti-Semite on RedRubies' story. You saw how I told irongrenadier he needs to get help with his feelings toward women. So don't lie about me. Harsh words against feminists, which is the great majority of what you're upset about, are not misogyny. I will not let you and the other feminists get away with that lie.

You did not express to him the "wrongness" of his statement but instead said you felt religion could help him overcome his hate. To say you did is a lie.

Excuse me? Are you serious?

Additionally do you ever correct greenbare when he posts completely unfactual information? Do you defend women as various members of the anit feminist brigade resort to referring to us as ugly fat c u n ts bull d y k es? And other clearly misogynst epithats?

"You did not express to him the "wrongness" of his statement but instead said you felt religion could help him overcome his hate. To say you did is a lie." When I said "Get help" that left no ambiguity as you seem to suggest. "Additionally do you ever correct greenbare when he posts completely unfactual information?" Good grief! I did that on the very comment you put in this story. I said I didn't agree with the latter part of his comment, then I noted there was nothing in the article about SBA having anything to do with the KKK. I can't say "I was there. I followed SBA around every moment of her life and know she never fraternized with the KKK." I pointed out what somebody who has studied this area wrote. "various members of the anit feminist brigade resort to referring to us as ugly fat c u n ts bull d y k es?" So far I had only heard of one doing this, and not when I was around. But I did delete his comments on my new story after he declined to edit them.

I apperciate you editing but it is not just one person doing it. There are several. The article you posted after the SBA comment by greenbare insinuated that SBA didn't speak out against lynching, it insinuated that the feminist movement enjoined with the KKK to create the WKKK.
The claims in your response article were not well researched in my opinion.
I have not seen your posts with red ruby, I would love to.
I, as well as others, are grateful for your help in providing factual information instead of personal attacks. I have to say this is something I questioned you about in the past and accused you of lacking in character, I was wrong. I understand your choice was not easy as some others in your groups may find it distasteful, so I am very impressed and very grateful.. I thank you for taking on that burden.

Thank you for that. I looked at two pages of a search. As I noted below, the article did not imply an embrace of the KKK by the feminist movement, but vice-versa. That article was the only source with any relevance, that didn't mention the two subjects in completely unrelated contexts. I felt if there was anything to what Greenbare wrote, that article would have covered it. So I noted the absence of confirmation.

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He is an idiot. And not even very good at it.<br />

ain't that the truth??

He is a crazy weirdo who claims to be a conservative, anti-feminist, but he loves to run around naked exposing himself, he thinks ********** is OK as long as the kids have hit puberty, and he claims to be the high priest of a wiccan coven. He contradicts himself in so many ways and has the stupidest, most moronic beliefs about things. He posts comments that are so false and fake they are off the charts. What is wrong with that guy?

Bless your heart Vita. I have flagged that moron literally dozens of times for hateful, cruel comments and postings. It is beyond frustrating when he spreads such despicable lies and yet never seems to get punished.

I do not know how he still has an account. He doesn't even post remotely factual information. I think we can safely say he will never be a journalist!

he and knightrunner both should be blasted off of here. they are two of the most vile people i've seen in my 4 years here.

THis is one of the frustrating things about EP. I understand their workload, but time and again, these morons, to use you extremely apt description, are allowed to carry on spreading their hate.

I've flagged this. What a nasty, spiteful, hateful individual and post. I regard myself as a male feminist, and I despise bigotry, so this is an affront on so many levels.

Please let greenbare know the truth about susan b anthony and feminism.